The undergraduate Aging Studies Concentration consists of a 22 semester hour curriculum, including 12 semester hours of required core courses in sociology, psychology and religion, as well as a four semester hour internship. The remaining six hours may be taken as electives in approved courses. These 22 hours may be used to satisfy some core and major requirements. Usually the recommended major would be sociology, psychology, religion, or pre-medbut other majors may be considered.

Core Course Requirements:

SC 285 Introduction to Aging (3 cr.)
PS 265 Adulthood and Aging (3 cr.)
RL 260 Moral Decision Making (3 cr.)
SC 485 Issues in Counseling the Elderly (3 cr.)
SC 490 Multicultural Counseling (3 cr.)

Internship Seminar:

SC 475 Field Placement and Seminar in Human Services (4 cr.)

Two electives from different departments must be chosen from the following.

CO 210 Family Communications (3 cr.)
HS 310 Women in Europe (3 cr.)
PS 280 Human Memory and Cognition (3 cr.)
PS 457 Psychopathology (3 cr.)
PS 462 Counseling Theory and Practice (3 cr.)
RL 363 Religion, Ethics, and Genetics (3 cr.)
SC 295 Death & Dying (3 cr.)
SC 493 Independent Study (3 cr.)