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Grants and Funds

The Program in Applied Ethics has created several types of funds and grants which further the goals of the program:

Course Development Grants
. . . provide stipends for faculty to prepare new courses of revise existing courses with a substantial focus on ethics, or introduce or expand the coverage of ethics in other courses, and to coordinate the teaching of ethics in a range of courses within a department or program.

Guest Speaker Funds
. . . can be used to pay honoraria for guest speakers in courses and in student and faculty gatherings on a topic related to ethics.

Special Opportunity Funds
. . . support faculty development in ethics by contributing funds for attendance at off-campus workshops, conferences and other activities.

Faculty-Student Dialogue Grants
. . . finance faculty-student inquiry groups which will meet for an informal but focused study of some ethical issue. These grants provide honoraria for guest speakers and cover over expenses.

Student Activities Funds
. . . can be used to promote student-organized initiatives to address ethical issues.

Funds Request Form

<Funds Request Form (.dox format)>

<Funds Request Form (.pdf format)>

A funds request form is now required in order to request support from the Program.  Please note that the form and supporting documentation must be submitted via email and that there are three different deadlines indicated on the form that correspond to different times of the budget year for which support is requested.  Some opportunities arise after the deadline for the term the funds are needed.  Requests for such opportunities after the deadline will be considered, but will be subject to the availability of funds that have not yet been apportioned.

Course Development Grant Forms

Course development grant forms are available at: http://www.jcu.edu/avp/fd/facdev/forms.htm

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