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Spring 2010 courses that will address poverty:

CS102-51,IV/D, The Information Society and the Digital Divide (Seiter)

EC 343-51, D/R, Economic Development (Simmons)

ED253-51, W, School and Society (Ford)
ED350-51 and ED350-1, Multicultural Education (Weems)
ED405-C1, Adolescent Education Seminar (Kelly)
ED405-D1, Multi-age Education Seminar (Kelly)
ED427-1, Adolescent Education Special Topics (Kelly)

EN303-51, W, Introduction to Creative Writing Workshop (Metres)

PL370-51, H/V (likely D as well), Philosophy & Social Class (Wirkus)

RL205-51 and RL205-52, CS/S/V, New Testament Introduction (McGinn) RL267-51, H/CS/R, Liberation Ethics (Schubeck)
RL272-51, V/CS, Christian Spirituality (Cozzens)
RL306-1, CS/V/W, Jesus in Film and History (McGinn)
RL 506-1, Historical Jesus (McGinn)

SC101 all sections, III/D, Introductory Sociology
SC111-51, Introduction to Social Justice (Clark)
SC201-51, Social Problems (Eslinger)
SC330-51, Social Stratification (DeZolt)
SC353-51, R/D, Latina/o Transnational Experience (Vaquera)
SC440-51, Violence and Society (Clark)

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