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Richard D. Hendrickson, Ph.D., associate professor of journalism in the Department of Communication and Theatre Arts, was awarded the Howard S. Dubin Outstanding Professional Member Award at the national convention of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) in early September in Atlanta. Dr. Hendrickson is a past president of the Cleveland chapter of SPJ and was a newspaper reporter and editor in Ohio for more than 35 years before he joined John Carroll.

"Love That Does Justice," by Rev. Thomas L. Schubeck, S.J., was recently awarded second place by the Catholic Press Association for educational books. <more>


"Interview With Susannah Heschel" by Dr. Doris Donnelly was recently awarded honorable mention by the Catholic Press Association for best interview. <more>

“Great Sleep! Reduced Cancer!” by adjunct professor of Physics, Dr. Richard Hansler of the Lighting Innovations Institute at John Carroll University, tells how scientists discovered that the blue rays from common electric lights suppress melatonin, the sleep and cancer-fighting hormone in humans. <more>

Jerry Moreno, Assistant Professor Emeritus of Mathematics & Computer Science, was honored as "Outstanding Educator" in 2008 by the Greater Cleveland Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Jerry has been instrumental in developing strong programs for teachers in quantitative literacy and advanced placement statistics.  “Jerry has a very strong presence in our organization and his opinions and expertise are valued by many educators at all levels in the Greater Cleveland area,” said Tom Lanning, president, Greater Cleveland Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Phil Metres, Assistant Professor in the English Department, has published "To See the Earth", a navigation of the increasingly turbulent waters of a globalized world, from Moscow to Chicago, from Philadelphia to Ramallah. <more>







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