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JCU Scientist Shares Research on Getting a Better
Night’s Sleep & Reducing the Risk of Cancer


Great Sleep! Reduced Cancer! by researcher, Dr. Richard Hansler of the Lighting Innovations Institute at John Carroll University, tells the story of how scientists discovered that the blue rays from common electric lights suppress melatonin, the sleep and cancer-fighting hormone found in humans.

While many people know that alcohol and drugs can damage health, many might be unaware that a simple thing like turning on an electric light in the evening can also destroy your well-being. Dr. Hansler documents these findings in his revolutionary book, "Great Sleep! Reduce Cancer!”

In clear, instructive prose, Dr. Hansler explains how the blue rays in ordinary lights block melatonin, the hormone which makes sleeping easier and helps prevent cancer. But there is an easy solution to this problem, Dr. Hansler suggests. By using such simple things as blue blocking glasses or non-blue light bulbs, melatonin can be maximized. This increased melatonin has many other benefits as well, including ameliorating bipolar disorder, ADHD, SAD and even postpartum depression.

In promoting this simple idea, which has profound consequences, "Great Sleep! Reduced Cancer!" can shed new light on healthier ways of living.

Following a successful research career at GE Lighting, Dr. Hansler joined John Carroll University in 1996 where he established the Lighting Innovations Institute.

For more information, contact Dr. Hansler at rhansler@jcu.edu or at 216-397-1657, or visit www.lowbluelights.com.


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