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Dr. Miles Coburn '75G
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I remember Miles very kindly. He was a graduate student at the time I was a biology undergrad. He helped me on several occasions. I remember his love of the outdoors, and playing frisbee with him outside the old science center. I recently contacted Miles a few months ago regarding the pre med curriculum at JCU. He sent me a lovely letter updating me on all the recent changes at John Carroll. He was a lovely man, and I miss him, even though I haven't seen him since 1976. I will pray for Miles and his family. With warm rememberences,

John J. Buckley, Jr. M.D. '77

Sept 1984, freshman year, Bio 101. It was in this class that Dr Miles Coburn taught me how to actually THINK like an adult...and a scientist. I managed to get through 18 years of life and scores of advanced placement classes in high school without doing that; and he knew it from the moment we met. That innate insite is a powerful talent for a university professor to possess. To see through someone without seeing past them. To recognize someone's talent and get that person to recognize it in themselves. He cajoled more thinking out of me than anyone at JCU, but always cordially, respectfully and even playfully. His impact on many students was profound. I for one owe him and he will never be forgotten. Godspeed to the Coburn family.

David Williams '88

My deepest sympathy goes out to Dr. Coburn's family and the John Carroll community. I believe I was in one of Dr. Coburn' s early Comparative Anatomy sections as the "new biology professor." As I reflect back on those times I realize how important Dr. Coburn was in shaping my future as a physician and person. Thanks Miles.

Thomas Win '85

With deepest sympathy...Dr. Coburn was one of the most influential people in helping me develop my career as a scientist (biochemist). He always supported me, even when I thought I had the craziest ideas. What an incredible role model he was...he will be truly missed. His kindness and smile are two of the many things that I hope I can share with others.

Theresa (Henn) Day '98

I am a graduate of the biology department, and I took Dr. Coburn's course on Global Climate Change. He was an incredible professor that demanded that we, as students, understand the science of climate change as well as how to effectively transfer the knowledge to others and the importance of questioning our political response to the global environmental crisis. He truly taught a broad set of lessons.

Maggie Fitzpatrick '06

We are so sorry for the loss of such a great teacher, father, and friend to many. The Coburn family is in our prayers. God bless!

Gina Balestreire '96

Our paths crossed while visiting in my college selection process as a high school student. His kindness, passion, and knowledge for JCU and his field of biology inspired my to select JCU for my undergraduate training.

Dr. Mark Memo '97
Youngstown, Ohio

Dr. Coburn was my most beloved teacher at JCU. I can vividly remember sitting in his office absorbing his seemingly endless knowledge. I have specific memories of excitement and motivation (surrounding, yes, the subject of Anatomy/Physiology) fueled by Dr. Coburn's own enthusiasm. He just had a way of really teaching, the way you learn it once from someone and can forever remember that single idea from a single person's explanation. I recently graduated with a degree in anesthesia and without Dr. Coburn's continual help and enthusiasm during my many classes with him I would not be where I am today -- not to mention he wrote my graduate school recommendations :) His legacy lives on in my education. Thank you Dr. Coburn for all that you gave me.

Mary Hladky '06

I will remmember Miles for his morals and professionalism. He was one of just a few American academics that hold to high standards. He was only one that could change JCU into a caring and just place where everybody is appreciated and respected.

Krystyna Nowak-Fabrykowski


First met Dr. Miles Coburn in June '08 at the Carroll Reunion when he and his brother appeared for their father's award presentation. Very personable. My sympathy to father Don and mother.

Richard Moriarty '43

Miles was a childhood friend, one year ahead of his sister Sissy, Cathy Ross, and me in school (the three K(C)athys). I think of him in the context of the whole family and our various activities around the always open and welcoming Coburn home. We did the things that I would not have had access otherwise. We skied (having lived in Vermont for 34 years, how small those daunting Ohio hills!), tobaggoned, biked, went trick-or-treating with doughnuts and cider to share at the Coburn home afterward. More recently, while fighting the use of chemicals to treat milfoil in a Vermont lake, I called on Miles for his knowledge of biological treatment options. Across the miles, he was generous with his time and we had a great chat! Miles touched many lives over many years. 'Miles' certainly turned out to be aptly named, given the miles of biking, miles of knowledge and caring, and miles of remembrances with which he has gifted the expansive community.

Kathleen Monroe

I had Dr. Coburn for comparative anatomy, in the spring of 1982. Lecture was every Monday and Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. and lab all afternoon two days a week. It was my sophomore year and I did poorly academically my first year. Comparative anatomy was one of the hardest courses in the pre-med curriculum. Dr. Coburn, was kind and an understanding and a patient teacher. He inspired me to work very hard, and had a supportive energy and enthusiasm that the students caught. He inspired me to learn, and somehow I got the confidence, to do well academically. That class was the turning point in my academic career. I went on to make the dean's list a few times, and get into medical school. Although I never saw Miles over the years after I left Carroll, I was not surprised, by his wonderful career at JCU. I feel fortunate to have had Miles the very first semester he taught at JCU. I have never forgotten his support and inspiration over the years, through my career,and I never will. I will always cherish the impact he had on me personally and profesisonally so many years ago. He was a kind man and respected by his students, he will be greatly missed. My prayers go out to his family and friends, and the JCU community.

Joseph J. Sivak MD '84

Dr. Coburn was my freshman seminar teacher. A wonderful person and a tremendous teacher. He helped shape the person I am today. My sympathies.

Brian Devlin '03

You will be missed. Thank you for your dedication to the JCU family. Many students have passed through your office and have gone on to acheive wonderful things. My family's prayers are with your family. God bless.

Ashlee Rager-Lake '02

Dear Coburn Family,
I am so sorry for your terrible loss. Miles was such a really nice, soft-spoken guy and true friend to my brother Don. I have only the fondest memories of the time he spent at our house. I am not surprised he went on to such great success and was an inspiration to many. Although words cannot possibly relieve your great sorrow at this time, know that you are in the prayers of many. May your memories of such a great person give you comfort and sustain you now and in the future.

Jean Schneider Smith (Louisville, KY)

Dr. Coburn was my student advisor throughout my years at John Carroll University. I also had the pleasure of being in his biology classes my freshman year. He was a fantastic professor and served as an excellent role model for me and the other biology students. He was always willing to help his students and extended himself above and beyond. This was especially true during the application process my classmates and I went through for medical, dental, and pharmacy school admission. Everytime I returned to JCU for a visit, I looked forward to visiting with Dr. Coburn. I am truly thankful for all he did, and for being able to study under him. This is a tragic and untimely loss, and my heartfelt sympathies go out to his family and friends during this difficult time.

Carlene Oliverio '04

Dr. Coburn was a great professor and truly a teacher...I know that he spent extra time explaining freshman biology and genetics to me and my classmates. It was obvious he loved teaching and biology. He will be greatly missed by soo many. Sincerely,

Jeanne Haberer '95


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