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To See the Earth navigates the increasingly turbulent waters of a globalized world, from Moscow to Chicago, from Philadelphia to Ramallah. Metres renders in vivid language what Fredric Jameson called “cognitive mapping”: a kind of "situational representation on the part of the individual subject to the vaster and properly unrepresentable totality."

To See the Earth travels to Russia, memorializes immigrant Arab American family life in a Brooklyn brownstone, witnesses to the violence visited upon people both at home and abroad, and carves out of such losses images of hope the birthing not of a terrible beauty, but of the “dreaming disarmed body.”

To See the Earth is now available for purchase at many corporate as well as independent bookstores, as well as online. Media review copies and requests for printed catalogs should be directed to Rita Grabowski at 216.687.3986. Visit the web at www.csuohio.edu/poetrycenter.




PHILIP METRES is also the author of Behind the Lines: War Resistance Poetry on the American Homefront since 1941, as well as the translator, from the Russian, of Catalogue of Comedic Novelties: Selected Poems of Lev Rubinstein, and A Kindred Orphanhood: Selected Poems of Sergey Gandlevsky. Metres, who received his B.A. from Holy Cross University and his M.F.A from Indiana University, now teaches literature and creative writing at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio.



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