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Anyone participating in Club Sports should read, understand, and abide by the following handbook. 

University Mission:  John Carroll University is a Catholic and Jesuit University dedicated to forming women and men with the knowledge and character to lead and serve.

Student Affairs Mission:  Our mission is to participate fully in the education of the whole person by fostering learning environments that promote student growth through which students will become caring, principled citizens engaged in the promotion of justice.

Definition of a Student Organization:  A group of students joined together in the pursuit of a common purpose that supports the mission, goals, and values of John Carroll University and the Office of Student Activities.  All student organizations must follow University policies and procedures as set forth in the Community Standards Manual and as developed by the OSA.

Definition of a Club Sport:  A student organization that competes against other university or town-sponsored teams in athletic related activity.

Mission of a Student Organization:  The OSA and the various student organizations constitute a great opportunity for students to enhance their classroom learning and to develop their leadership skills.  Through this enhanced learning and leadership development, students who are involved in student activities learn to integrate the experiences and knowledge of the classroom with everyday experiences of living and working in a society of people with various interests, ideas, and values.

All clubs need to be recognized as a student organization by the Office of Student Activities.  Therefore they need to abide by the guidelines set up in the Student Organization Handbook as well as this handbook.  All paperwork required by the Office of Student Activities should be turned into the recreation office.  It will be easier for everyone if all the paperwork goes through one office.  The Club Sports Coordinator, Sandy Howard, is available to help you in anyway possible.  Feel free to meet with her to discuss any issue.  Another good reference to consult on organizational issues is the Office of Student Activities.


President’s Responsibilities

  • Act as a liaison between their sports club and the Director of Club Sports

  • Knowing and communicating club guidelines, rules, privileges, and responsibilities to all club members.

  • President’s are responsible for the actions of their club. The clubs are expected to represent John Carroll University in a positive manner. Failure to control the club can result in the president’s termination and the de-registration of the club.

  • Alcohol is prohibited at all sport club events, unless special permission was given to your club by the Director of Club Sports.

  • The President is ultimately responsible for all monetary aspects of the club, including raising monies, and tracking and controlling spending. These duties should be delegated to the treasurer of the club.



  • You are ultimately responsible for the safety of the participants in your club.  You should inspect fields and remove hazards before allowing club members to enter the area. Inspect equipment regularly, and cancel practices or games if conditions are dangerous.

  • If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, all fields need to be cleared until 30 minutes have passed without lightning or thunder.
  • Two members of your team need to become certified in First Aid/CPR so that emergencies that occur on or off campus can be handled properly. (Recreation Department will provide training).
  • You will need to work with the Director of Club Sports to come up with an emergency action plan for your practice and game areas.

  • Clubs must carry a first aid kit to all functions and make sure it is well stocked. The Director of Club Sports will assist you in purchasing supplies and kits.

  • If an injury does occur during a club event (including practice),  an injury report form needs to be filled out and turned into the recreation office no later than 48 hours after the injury. If there is an athletic trainer at the event, he/ she will fill out the report.

  • The Director of Club Sports needs to know of an injury in which the participant had to go to the hospital. If the injury is serious in your judgement, the president should notify the director, Sandy Howard, by cell phone (330-620-6290). If you feel that the injury is not that serious, you can email the director (showard@jcu.edu) or leave a message on the school voicemail (216-397-3092). When in doubt, call her cell phone.


Home Events

  • Club Presidents will be responsible for planning the logistics of all home events.
  • The Club Sports department will provide a Supervisor to ensure that all home events run smoothly.
  • If you cannot find volunteer game operations staff for your home matches (scorers, clock operators, etc.), you can notify the club sports supervisor one week in advance to help you find paid staff. Budgeted dollars would have to cover the work-study hourly wages.
  • All home events will be staffed by emergency personnel, either JCU EMS or an athletic trainer.

Web-site Management

  • The recreation department will update all websites. All teams will have a link from the Club Sports page to their own page. Some teams (crew, hockey, men's lacross, women's lacrosse) will be linked through www.jcusports.com eventually. It is up to you or someone on your team to send us your schedules, scores and updates.

Travel Policies

  • University regulations need to be followed at all times when traveling for a team function.  Whether anyone or any organization uses University vans or rents them, they must still adhere to the following rules:
  1. You must adhere to all safety training rules as well as university regulations.

  2. All drivers must be "Authorized Drivers" by having gone through the safety training that the school provides.

  3. You are not allowed to drive through the night. This means that you must end driving at midnight and lodge in a hotel/motel (stopping at a rest area and sleeping in the van is not acceptable). You can resume your trip at sunrise.

  4. You cannot have more than 10 people (including the driver) in a 15-passenger van.

  5. Use of seatbelts is required for all persons occupying a JCU vehicle.

  • Arrangements for vans or hotels should be made through John Carroll University and not though a coach or individual on the team. Purchase Requests should be made for all travel arrangements when possible. The Director of Club Sports will assist you with any travel arrangements and needs to sign for all vans when possible.
  • When using rental vans or school vans, it is important that you only use the vans for destinations directly related to club operations. If the vans are used for non-business related trips, insurance will not cover any damages that may occur and there may be other sanctions as well.
  • The Director of Club Sports needs to know the logistics of all of your overnight trips. You should hand in or email the director an itinerary at least 48 hours prior to your trip. It should include, day and time you will be leaving and returning, hotel and phone of where you will be staying, and a list of individuals that will be traveling on that specific trip.


Required Paperwork

The following papers must be turned in before your club begins to practice or compete.

  1. Sport Club Registration Form (see Appendix A): This needs to be filled out during the first weeks of school in the fall.

  2. President’s Affidavit (see Appendix B): Each President needs to fill out this form at the beginning of the fall semester.

  3. Membership Cards (see Appendix C): Everyone who is a participant in a club sport needs to fill out this card for insurance and liability reasons. This should be done once at the beginning of each year. All sport club members must have their own accident and health insurance policy or they will not be eligible to participate.

  4. Sports Club Roster: All competitive sports clubs need to turn a roster in at the beginning of each semester with names, addresses, phone number and SSN.

  5. Sports Club Schedule: All sports clubs need to turn in a tentative schedule with dates and times at the beginning of the semester. Any additions or changes must be reported to the Director of Club Sports.

  6. Medical Information Sheet: Must be filled out by all members of the team before any team travels.

  7. Disclosure Forms: Anyone who wants personal contact information (phone number and/or email) on the website must give us permission to put it up.

  8. Fundraising Form: Please list all planned fundraisers for the year. You can report changes as they come.

  9. Belfairre Permission Slips: Each person using the Belfairre Field mus fill out this form and turn it into the club sports supervisor prior to using the field.
  • When scheduling, you should make every attempt to schedule games that will not cause members of your team to miss classes. If a member of your team decides to miss class because of a club sanctioned event, that person will have to face the consequences. Only a professor can excuse you from a class. Plan ahead and make necessary arrangements.


Facility Reservations

  • The Director of Club Sports will assist you in securing any facilities that you need for practice or games. 

  • If a club is using an off-site facility, they need to inform the Director of Club Sports of the site and when they will be using it (practice schedule). If a contract is needed to use the space, it must be approved and signed by the Sport Club Coordinator.

  • Facilities can be reserved on campus by filling out a Facility Request Form at least 10 days prior to the event and returning the form to the Director of Facilities. Any request for athletic/recreational facilities should be submitted to the Director of Club Sports or Gretchen Weitbrecht.

  • Once a facility is reserved on-campus for a club, they are responsible for having an appropriate number of participants attend the practice or event. If the space is not utilized fully, your club can lose the privilege of having the space.


Monetary Policies and Procedures

  • All funds raised by the club (dues, fundraising, sponsorship) must be deposited into the organization’s account at JCU. Deposits need to be hand delivered to the recreation office or cashiers office within 48 hours from the time that they are received. At that time they will be given a receipt. The recreation office will give all club deposits to the business office every Tuesday by noon.  Clubs are not permitted to have outside accounts.

  • All fundraising and sponsorship opportunities need to be approved by Director of Club Sports.

  • All donations and sponsorships need to be reported to the Director of Club Sports, so that the University’s Development Office has record of it.

  • All contracts need to be signed and approved by the Director of Club Sports.

  • Clubs can use funds allocated from the Sport Club Council to purchase anything that was presented in the clubs budget, with the exception of items for individual use such as uniforms that the individual keeps or T-shirts. 

  • Clubs can use funds from their secondary on-campus account for anything that will help the club reach its goals within reason. All monies in this account roll over to the next year if your club does not use it.

  • The Director of Club Sports must approve all spending.  Clubs will not be reimbursed for expenditures of unapproved purchases.

  • The Director of Club Sports will provide you a copy of your current account balances at each Sport Club Council meeting. However, at anytime if you need to see your current budget, you should make an appointment with the Director of Club Sports. Deficit spending is not acceptable.


Spending/Reimbursement Procedures

  • Fill out the proper paperwork. All forms can be found online at www.jcu.edu/fas/links/forms.htm  These forms need to be turned into the recreation office by Friday at noon for approval if you want them to be processed for the next Wednesday. If you turn them in by Tuesday before noon, they may be processed for that Wednesday, but that is not guaranteed. Please try to plan at least one week in advance and turn paperwork in by Friday.

  • Purchase Requisitions- This form should be used when you purchase equipment and supplies. It should also be used for van rentals and accommodations. The company bills the school and the money comes directly out of the account that you indicate on the form.

  • The following forms are located under the title “Interactive Multi Voucher Form” on the banner website.

  1. Check Requests- This form should be used for entry fees, service invoices, registration fees, or for any reimbursements. You will need to attach original receipts or proof of price to the back of the form. If you are paying referees or officials, use the Officials Payment Form provided by the department as proof of payment.

  2. Travel Advance- This form should be used if you are taking a trip and would like the money in advance. You will need to actuate after your trip with original receipts and return all unused money to the recreation office.

  3. Travel Reimbursement- If you pay out of pocket for expenses of an approved trip, you can be reimbursed afterwards by turning in this form with original receipts.


Sport Club Council Meeting:  Each sports club council representative is expected to attend a monthly meeting.  Each club will give an update on their prospective sport, and other issues will be discussed.

Role of the Council

1)     Governing Body

  • Hears budget presentations and makes allocation recommendations

  • Conducts disciplinary measures

  • Makes decisions on policies and procedures

  • Acts as a link between club members and the Director of Club Sports

  • Helps club members understand university wide policies

2)     Dissemination of Information

  • Allows Director of Club Sports and Cabinet member to inform sport clubs

  • Allows all clubs the opportunity to share accomplishments

  • Allows the Director of Club Sports to get feedback from the sport clubs

3)     Student Development

  • Enhances leadership skills

  • Gives members budgetary and financial responsibility

  • Special events management (group fundraiser or social)

  • Communication skills and compromise

4)     Community Atmosphere

  • Appreciation between clubs

  • Promotes cross-sport participation

  • Unifies entire program

  • Sharing of ideas

Expectation of each council member

  1. That you attend all SCC meetings.

  2. That you are committed to the council and realize that you are not just representing your clubs interest, but the interest of the sport club program as a whole.

  3. That you are responsible for getting information back to your club.

  4. That you are respectful to all members of the SCC at all times.


Structure of the SCC

  • Executive Director

The Director of Club Sports will act as the executive director of the council.  She will attend all SCC meetings. She will have a voice at all meetings, but will not vote. She will hear all recommendations that the council approves, but will have final say on all matters that the council recommends.

  • President

The president of the SCC will be elected by the members of the council. The president will run the SCC meetings. This person will be responsible for creating the agenda for each meeting. This person will meet regularly with the Director of Club Sports. This person will also have voting privileges.

  • Vice-President

The vice-president of the SCC will be elected by the members of the council. This person will act as president in the case that the president is absent. Otherwise, this person will take attendance, tally votes, and assist the president at the meetings. This person will also have voting privileges.

  • Secretary

This person will be appointed by the Director of Club Sports.  This person will compile minutes at each meeting and distribute them within a week to the members on the SCC.  This person will not have voting privileges.

  • Treasurer

This person will be appointed by the Director of Club Sports.  This person will give an financial update each meeting on the sport clubs. This person will also track all special requests at the meeting and submit SCC recommendations to the Director of Club Sports. This person will not have voting privileges.

  • Representatives

Each club must choose/elect a SCC representative and an alternate. This person will represent their club at all meetings and have one vote on all issues brought to the table. In the case that the SCC representative can not be present, their alternate can vote. Any member of a club can attend meetings, however only the SCC representative has voting privileges.

Refer to the sport club council constitution for specifics on the operations of the SCC.

  • Web-site Management

Each sports club team can have a web-site that is linked to the John Carroll University page.  You are responsible for the material that is posted on the site. If I find that the postings are inappropriate, there will be sanctions.


Club Sanctions

  • Clubs may be disciplined for not meeting deadlines for paperwork, missing meetings, not following sport club guidelines provided in the handbook, acting in ways that do not reflect well on John Carroll University, etc.
  • Possible Club sanctions can include:

  1. Warnings

  2. Fines
  3. Budget freeze
  4. Suspension of Travel
  5. Removal of facility space
  6. De-registration of the Club Sport
  7. Any sanction listed in the Student Organization Guide

The CSC will determine appropriate sanctions for clubs that violate policies.


Emergency Action Plan

  1. Only those certified in First Aid/CPR may administer any treatment

  2. An injury report form must be filled out completely by a team representative for every injury. All reports should be turned into the Director of Club Sports within 48 hours of injury.

  3. After reaching an injured individual, the First Aid/CPR Provider should do the following:

If the individual is conscious and the injury is non-life threatening, the responder should see that the victim is not moved and administer first aid if possible. If your on campus and need assistance or an ambulance call x4600. If you're off campus call 911. Give the following information: a. Who you are,  b. Exact location, c. What the situation is, and d. What services are needed (ambulance). Stay at the site of the emergency and stop activity and clear the immediate area.

If the individual is unconscious or if the injury is life threatening, the responder should call x4600 or 911. Do not attempt to move the injured party unless the area is dangerous. If the person is not breathing or has no a pulse, the responder should administer rescue breathing or CPR if they are certified to do so.





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