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Fall 3 on 3 First Days Men's Champions

Wounded Soldiers

C. Sullivan, BJ Craig, P. Cappiozello, & M. Miner

Fall 3 on 3 Under 6 ft. Champions


S. McNeely, K. Sandberg, J. Poppenberg, & B. Ferro

Fall 3 on 3 Women's Champions


M. Roche, B. Banks, K. Sloan, & M. Weiss

Fall Holiday 5 on 5 Men's "A" Champions

SN's Express

T. O'Connor, M. Finneke, J. Nyeste, V. DeBoer, S. Greenburg, J. Cooney, K. Fee, M. Bostick, & D. Corall

Fall Holiday 5 on 5 Men's "B" Champions

Short Shorts

M. Lower, P. Kang, M. Fletcher, N. Shaughnessy, J. Cook, S. Reimann, R. Detweiler, & M. Owcarz


Fall Holiday 5 on 5 Women's Champions


B. Switzer, B. Cooper, B. Gyzybowski, T. Hobbs, K. Branam, L. Hill, M. Barb, & A. Rome

Spring 5 on 5 Men's "A" Champions

State Property

A. Dunklin, J. Hunt, P. Neirman, R. Pachelo, D. English, P. Habrecht, C. Holmes, L. Holmes, K. Bartel, D. Travis, R. Dawson, & J. Hackett

Spring 5 on 5 Men's "B" Champions

Carpe Ankles

J. Larson, P. Reidy, P.J. Binder, M. Payne, J. Dechelis, E. Byro, D. Grimes, & R. Bebawi

Spring 5 on 5 Women's Champions


K. Brannan, B. Grzybowski, J. Kiser, N. Smith, B. Cooper, L. Lovell, G. Hess, T. Hobbs, M. Teske, B. McCann, T. Pruchniki, & M. Matesich


Men's Hot-Shot Champion

D. Walter


Women's Hot-Shot Champion

K. Leckenby


Men's 3-Point Champion

M. Zajac

Spring 5 on 5 Coed Champions

Don't Even Bother

A. McCladdie, M. Kuehl, R. May, S. Howard, J. Hunt, A. Cocklin, P. Habrecht, C. Bennett, & K. Felosky


Women's 3-Point Champion

K. Leckenby




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