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The Facilties Department is responsible for all maintenance and groundskeeping. The office oversees all major construction, renovation projects, and planned improvements for John Carroll University.

The Facilities Office is located in Room 07 on the lower level of the Recreation Complex (Rec Plex), and is open Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00. The office phone number is (216) 397-4314. Individuals in the department are located in other locations at the University, so please verify these locations if you plan specific meetings or drop-offs.

Leaders of the services in the Facilities Department are:

Carol P. Dietz
Associate Vice President of Facilities
(216) 397-4310

Bernard R. Beyer
Director of Physical Plant
(216) 397-4317

Richard J. Bretz
Project Manager
(216) 397-4313

Rory Hill
Facilities Services Coordinator

Gary E. Paoletta
MEP Coordinator

Michael P. Roeder
Manager of Facilities Services
(216) 397-4760

April J. Skurka, R.A.
Project Manager
(216) 397-6853

Kris Willis, IIDA, AUID
Facilities Planning & Implementation
(216) 397-4966

Martina Fronczek
Administrative Assistant
(216) 397-4314

Click here to view an organizational chart of the Facilities Department in PDF format.

In case of emergency, during off-hours relating to Maintenance and Grounds issues, call Campus Safety Services at 216-397-1234 (on campus x1234); CSS will communicate to the appropriate Facilities Department Foreman on-call.

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