A special meeting of the JCU Faculty was held on December 4, 2003 in the LSC Conference Room from 3:30 until 5 P.M.  The purpose of the meeting was to “discuss issues surrounding an update and discussion on JCCI.”  Dr. Ewing’s November JCCI report was attached to the agenda for this meeting.


At the December 4 meeting, Dr. Ewing reviewed his November report to the Forum and then responded to questions from the floor.  No minutes were taken for this meeting, however a number of questions were raised. Ernie DeZolt,  Chair of the Forum, asked those posing questions to send them to Carl Spitznagel for posting on the Forum’s web page.  The Forum Secretary received about a half-dozen questions that were posed to Dr. Ewing.  This is a very small portion of the total questions that were raised during the meeting.  Also, an extensive commentary (from a prepared text) was made by  James L. Lissemore (BL), concerning JCCI.  Jim asked Ernie DeZolt if he could make a motion.  Ernie indicated that lacking a specific quorum, the motion could not be made.  Paul Shick (MT) asked Jim what his motion would be if it could be offered. After reading his motion, Jim’s remarks, including his motion, were later sent to Carl Spitznagel for posting on the Forum’s web page.  Some issues Jim raised during his remarks were:


·         No mechanism in place for JCCI Oversight Committee to have accountability to Faculty

·         No elected faculty member is a member of JCCI Oversight Committee

·         Waste disposal procedures/ safety issues, responsibility and appropriate standards to be observed

·         Having undergraduate students sign confidentiality agreements/ liability if agreements are broken

·         No clear provision for an annual follow-up of companies’ progress once admitted to JCCI


Overview of meeting prepared by Roland Madison


Comments and questions that were sent to the Forum webmaster for posting on the web