Faculty Council


Notes:  In accordance with the proposal on Faculty governance passed by the Faculty on May 12, 2006,
one position in each of the five divisions is set aside for a Faculty member who is untenured at
the time of election to the Faculty Council.  A representative who has been elected to a position
reserved for an untenured Faculty member will continue to serve in that position until the assigned
expiration date, even after tenure has been attained. Those positions, as determined by the Faculty
Service Committee, are marked in the list below.  In any division there may be other seats held by
untenured Faculty members, but those seats are not reserved for untenured members, and
hence are not marked.


Member Dept. Term
Dr. J. Benjamin Forbes MML 2009 Division I
Dr. Richard Grenci MML 2010 Division I (untenured)
Dr. James Martin MML 2010 Division I
Dr. Scott Moore EC/FN 2008 Division I
Dr. Thomas Zlatoper EC/FN 2008 Division I
Dr. Miles Coburn BL 2009 Division II
Dr. Douglas Norris MT/CS 2010 Division II
Dr. Naveed Piracha PH 2008 Division II (untenured)
Dr. Paul Shick MT/CS 2009 Division II
Dr. Mark Waner CH 2008 Division II
Dr. Matthew Berg HS 2010 Division III
Dr. Richard Clark SC 2009 Division III
Dr. Abdul Imam PS 2010 Division III
Dr. Paul V. Murphy HS 2008 Division III
Dr. Mindy Peden PO 2009 Division III (untenured)
Dr. Gerald Guest AH 2008 Division IV
Dr. Karen Gygli CO 2010 Division IV
Dr. Julia Karolle-Berg CMCL 2009 Division IV
Dr. Peter Kvidera EN 2010 Division IV (untenured)
Dr. Christopher Roark EN 2008 Division IV
Dr. Brendan Foreman ED 2008 Division V (untenured)
Dr. John Spencer RL 2009 Division V
Dr. Mark Storz ED 2008 Division V
Dr. Dianna Taylor PL 2010 Division V
Dr. Nancy Taylor ED 2009 Division V