Chair:  Ernie DeZolt

Vice Chair: Dick Horwath

Secretary:  Roland Madison


Chair Ernie DeZolt called the meeting to order at 3:40 P.M. in the LSC Conference Room.


Invocation:  Verghese Chirayath read Mother Theresa’s Prayer of Persistence (“Do it Anyway”)


Approval of Minutes:  Minutes of the November 21, 2002 meeting were approved as amended (“Olsen” should be “Olson”;  Mary” should be “Marci”; and the words “sensing anxiety” were removed, so the minutes were revised to read: “… the Chair sensed the need of further discussion…”





·         The Chair called attention to the Faculty Nominations list attached to the agenda packet.  Paul Schick asked for nominations from the floor.  Hearing none, faculty was asked to send email nominations either to Paul or Ernie by February 19, 2003.

·         The Chair announced that Fr. Glynn has accepted (approved) the three recommendations he recently received from the Forum.

·         The Chair indicated that the Ad Hoc faculty committee on greater participation in the decision-making process and the Faculty Forum Executive Committee were meeting monthly this term with Fr. Glynn.  Meetings will occur on Monday of each week that a Forum meeting is to be held.  He mentioned the following topics had been discussed with Fr. Glynn this term: changes in faculty benefits, faculty compensation (RTS) and the distribution of CUPA data, the purpose of the newly created “University Council”, and a reduced load for the Forum’s Chair.

·         The Chair announced that the Proposal for Wording Change on the JCU Diploma (copy of proposal was attached to agenda packet) would come forward to the floor of the Forum in the March meeting.

·         The Chair announced that the Proposal for Change in Status for Child Birth, Adoption, and Family Care (copy of proposal was attached to agenda packet) would also come to the floor of the Forum during the March meeting.

·         The Chair announced that a draft of the Faculty Governance, Morale, and Evaluation Subcommittee Report was completed and sent to the Steering Committee in December, 2002.  The Steering Committee, of which the Chair is a member, asked to Subcommittee to revisit some items.   When revisions are completed, the final report will be posted on our internal JCU website.

·         The Chair reminded attendees that they were invited to attend a reception in the Faculty Dining Room, after the Academic Vice President’s address to the Forum.



New Business:


·         Dick Horwath announced that with 257 faculty members listed this term, fifty-two (52) persons would be required to have a procedural quorum (20 percent of 257 faculty members).  He indicated that the Forum needed to have one hundred three (103) persons in attendance for a substantive quorum (40 percent of 257 faculty members).

·         Jackie Schmidt, chair of CAP, brought the AVP Search Proposal (copy of Proposal was attached to the agenda packet) to the floor of the Forum.  It was moved and seconded [Madison/ Kolesar (Hist.)] to bring this proposal  to a vote of the faculty.

·         Dr. David LaGuardia, Academic Vice President, addressed the Faculty Forum.   After his address, Dr. LaGuardia responded to several questions from those in attendance.  ( Dr. LaGuardia provided the Secretary with a copy of his remarks to the Forum.  His remarks are herewith attached.)


Adjourn:   The Chair adjourned the meeting at 4:58 P.M.


Minutes prepared by: Roland L. Madison

Secretary, Faculty Forum