Ernie DeZolt, Chair

Dick Horwath, Vice Chair

Roland Madison, Secretary


Call to Order:      Chair Ernest DeZolt called the meeting to order at 12:28 P.M.

Invocation:   The Chair asked those in attendance to “give a silent thanks for all thing we have …  as a paraphrase of a poem by D. Elder.


Approval of October 22, 2003 minutes:   Approved as amended.  Under New Business, it was noted that . Paul Lauritzen did ask a question from the floor during the Q & A segment of Fr. Glynn’s October presentation to the Forum.  The minutes incorrectly reported that no questions were asked from the floor.



·         The Chair indicated that Forum meeting announcements will be posted on the Forum’s web page prior to the Forum meeting.

·         The Chair announced that a draft of the policy on “Misconduct in Scholarship and Grants Management Policy” was posted on the Forum’s web page.  Mary Beadle, Dean of the Graduate School, indicated that such a policy was a requirement in order to obtain federal grants.


New Business:

·         North Central Update:  Elizabeth Swenson addressed the Forum.  She indicated that a draft of the North Central Evaluation report will be posted on JCU’s internal web site in December. John Carroll will be visited by North Central next spring.

·         CAP Proposal for a Masters of Arts in Integrated Science for Teachers – Paul Thomson made the presentation for CAPs.  A copy of the proposal was attached to the Forum’s November 2003 agenda. There comments and questions from the floor.  Jack Soper  (Ec.& Fn.) asked why the degree wasn’t  called a “Master of Science in Science” given the apparent science content of the degree.  Essentially, the decision was made by the three science chair involved.  Their reason was that “integrated science” was an NSF education concept.  The students would conclude their study, not with a science-type experiment, but with a research project of an essay nature. Jack Soper next asked why a JCU faculty member was not in charge of the new program?  The reply was that no single person in the Sciences or in Education felt they had the appropriate expertise to be in charge.


Carl Spitznagel (MT)offered the following amendment, which was seconded by Jack Soper.

        Replace Section VII with:

“VII         Program Governance

The program will be governed by a committee of faculty members from the departments involved in the Math Science Partnership program, along with a representative of the Graduate School, and the Scientist-Educator for the MSP as the committee chair.”

       The amendment passed by a vote of 37-0-3.


·         RTS Proposal on Institutional  Asistance for Family Responsibilities  a copy of the proposal was attached to the agenda.   Dwight Olson (MT) indicated the proposal had been in process for two years.  He said its implementation would have a cost of about $66,000 per year based on the assumptions he had used and calculations he had made.  He reviewed these items for the Forum.  Karen Gygli (CO) seconded the motion to put the proposal to a vote of the faculty.


David LaGuardia (AVP) asked what Dwight Olson had found out at other universities.  Dwight replied they looked at Michigan, University of Chicago, and the University of ColoradoBoulder.  They found the same type of program being proposed as RTS had prepared.  He said Texas A & M felt that stopping the clock for pregnancy is a “presumptive right.” 


Combined, both Frank Navratil (BSOB) and Fred Travis (HS) asked several questions.  An extended discussion ensued with Dwight Olson giving responses. (NOTE:  The Secretary’s hand and brain had become quite fatigued by this time.)  Again, Karen Gygli indicated a second to the proposal and asked the Chair to move the proposal presented by the RTS Committee to be moved on to a vote of the faculty.


·         Ad Hoc Committee on Forum Constitution - Robert Kolesar (HS) presented a Final Report dated November 11, 2003. The report proposed changing the Forum Constitution to make it consistent with the JCU Faculty Handbook.  Specifically, the report recommended the deletion of “V,D,5, b, iii from the Constitution of the Faculty Forum.” A copy of the report was attached to the Forum’s November agenda.  Mrs. Marcella D. Milota (Library) seconded that the proposed change be sent to a ballot of the faculty.


·         University Finance Summary Report – Jonathan Ivec, Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services, and Richard Mausser, Executive Director of Finance/Controller, made their annual presentation to the Faculty Forum.  Mr. Mausser began the presentation by updating the Forum on the audited financial results for the fiscal year 2002-2003.  He also presented a status report on the funding for the Dolan Science Center and the Shula Sports Center and apprised the Forum of the University’s new 2003 bond issue and refinancing which was completed in August, 2003.  Mr. Ivec then took the floor and updated the Forum on the University’s plan to purchase four apartment buildings located on Fairmount Circle.  He also presented an updated report on the status of the Capital Campaign and informed the Forum of the need to perform repair work on the Natatorium wall. At the conclusion of his presentation, Mr. Ivec fielded questions from the Forum. The Finance Report is posted on the Forum’s Web page.


·         The Forum’ Forum – JCCI Update.  Since the Forum’s meeting time had elapsed, Dr. Ewing did not have the opportunity to provide his report on the Status and Update of JCCI. Please see http://www.jcu.edu/forum/reports/JCCI_2003dec.pdf for the November report prepared for the Faculty Forum.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:58 P.M.


Minutes prepared by Roland L. Madison, Secretary, Faculty Forum