Ernie DeZolt, Chair

Dick Horwath, Vice Chair

Roland Madison, Secretary


Call to Order:  Chair Ernest DeZolt called the meeting to order at 4.00 P.M.


Invocation:  Chair Ernest DeZolt read a prayer to open the meeting.


Approval of September 18 Forum Minutes: The minutes were approved with two changes.  Under New Business, the “new faulty members” should read “the new faculty members” (Carl Spitznagel, Math)

Second, under Announcements, the last line that read “The next step of the Committee will be to meet with the Vice Presidents” is to be deleted (Marc Treleven, MML).  NOTE:  Pertinent to the latter item, the Secretary reported verbatim from the text provided by the Chair. 



·         Persons should go to the HR department to sign up for HC benefits by October 24, 2003

·         Number of voting faculty for procedural and substantive quorums should be based upon 246 faculty members; not the 244 as previously announced

·         University Council Update -  the first meeting was September 22, 2003. Council was formed to  provide better communication across the campus.” The AVP has requested Council members to submit agenda items to assist in the development of agendas for the council meetings.  Faculty members are invited to send potential agenda items to Dr. DeZolt.

·         Committee Proposals on the Web – Faculty members were encouraged to view the Forum’s web site.They are also encouraged to ask any questions about proposals and send these questions to Forum Chair DeZolt for forwarding these questions to the chair of the committee that is working on the proposal in question.

·         Posting Reports and Motions From the Floor – Anyone making such motions is requested to provide their motions in writing to both the Chair and the Secretary of the Forum to ensure clarity of the motion.

·         JCCI -  under the Forum’s Forum, there will be an update that pertains to the JCCI.

·         An Ad Hoc Committee of the Faculty Forum Executive Committee is looking at member issues in dealing with a review of faculty voting procedures.



·         Fr. Glynn addressed the Forum on the topic of “Shared Faculty Governance.” Fr. Glynn’s remarks are not attached to the minutes (saving trees). However, they can be found posted on the Forum’s web site.  Five questions were sent to Chair E. DeZolt for Fr. Glynn.  The President, hearing no questions from the floor, responded to four of the questions provided to him by Dr. DeZolt.  Neither the questions nor Fr. Glynn’s response are part of these minutes.  You just had to be there to appreciate it.


·         Dumont Gerken Owen made a presentation regarding the placement of graduating seniors and the many employment opportunities that were available to them.  She indicated that a complete copy of her report would be available to all academic departments.


·         Forum’s Forum. – topics for discussion from the floor.  Due to the time expended on the preceding topics, there was no time left to devote to the Forum’s Forum.


Adjournment:   Chair Ernest DeZolt adjourned the meeting at 5:30 PM.


Minutes prepared by: Roland L. Madison, Secretary, Faculty Forum