Rank Tenure and Salary Committee Report



1.      A report was made to Faculty Forum concerning our recommendation for policies for Extending the Probationary Period for Tenure, Reduction in Duties for Birth of a Child, Reduction in Duties for the Adoption of a Child, Reduction in Duties for Family Care. The Forum has scheduled a ballot on these proposals.


As part of the report at the meeting, we shared informal estimates of the cost to the University for implementing these proposals. Using information obtained from calls to department secretaries, that would approximately reflect the experience of the past three years, it is estimated that in an average year there would be 15 additional courses that would have to be covered in academic departments as a result of the policies on reduction in duties. This would be in addition to those reductions that University administrators are already granting on a case-by-case basis to faculty members who are pregnant.


Using a 4 course per semester load for a visiting faculty member, this increase could require the hiring of 2 additional visiting faculty over the current situation. However, it seems unrealistic that all the reductions would be in one or two departments, so it would be our assumption that these courses would probably be covered by part-time faculty. Using an estimated cost of $3,000 per course, the total would be $45,000.


2.      The Committee will meet on December 2, 2003, with Jim Krukones to review the most recent salary figures, and after that meeting will begin its deliberations on how to address the issue of “salary slide” at JCU.


3.      The Committee has begun to gather information from other schools relating to the proposal from Fr. Glynn concerning the feasibility of a University Tenure and Promotion Committee.