Ernie DeZolt, Chair

Dick Horwath, Vice Chair

Roland Madison, Secretary


Call to Order:      Chair Ernest DeZolt called the meeting to order at 3:35 PM


Invocation:  Ernest DeZolt read a prayer originally provided by Bill Fichter of campus ministry.


Approval of Minutes: The Minutes from the April 23, 2003 minutes were approved with one exception.  See the attachment of the report from the Core Curriculum Committee – Bob Kolesar (Mt) as Chair.



·         The chair asked all persons presenting reports on the floor of the Forum to submit reports to both the chair and the secretary of the Forum so that all points could be properly reported.

·         The chair also asked that amendments to motions made on the floor of the Forum be provided in writing to both the chair and the secretary of the Forum.

·         Since the Special Meeting of the Faculty on December 5, 2002, regarding Staff Handbook issues, Bob Kolesar (MT), Mark Treleven, and Ernie DeZolt have met numerous times with Lisa Mencini to discuss employee benefit changes that apply to both staff and new faculty members.  The topics of discussion across these meetings included: whether JCU needs to be an “at will” institution, the shredding of existing “at will” statements, the changing of benefits regarding new faculty and their dependents.  The next step of the Committee will be to meet with the Vice Presidents.

·         Fr. Glynn will address the October meeting of the Forum under the topic of “shared governance.” After his address, Fr. Glynn will respond to questions from the floor.

·         The chair said the Finance Committee would continue to pursue alternative funding possibilities if health care cost continued to rise.

·         The chair thanked the Finance Committee for their efforts regarding the health care benefits revision.

·         Promulgation of Forum Business – the Chair asked Fr. Glynn how the Forum could do a better job of communicating to the faculty community about its efforts (e.g. Forum’s web page with help from Carl Spitznagel)

·         Development of Forum Executive Committee Ad Hoc Committee to study the Forum’s Constitution.


New Business:

·         Verification of Faculty Voting List was done (49.2 faculty required for procedural quorum and 98.4  are required for a substantive quorum) – Dick Horwath (FSC).

·         Nominations from floor were taken for the Arts and Sciences Dean Search Committee

·         Jerry Moreno (Chair – Finance Committee) made an impassioned plea for faculty to vote on the proposed Mercer Health Care plan to be presented to the faculty this term.

·         Tom Fanning, Director of Admissions,  gave a report on the efforts and success of the admissions for the incoming freshman class.  Tom distributed a report that was reviewed at the meeting.  This report is not a part of these minutes.

·         Dr. David LaGuardia, Academic Vice President, introduced Dean Nick Baumgartner (Arts and Sciences) and Dr. Gerald Weinstein (substituting for Dean Navratil of the BSOB), who introduced the new faulty members and various administrative personnel who have joined JCU for the current academic year.  A copy of these personnel, as provided by the office of the AVP, is attached to these minutes.


Adjournment:   The chair adjourned the meeting at 5:05 PM.


Minutes prepared by: Roland L. Madison, Secretary – Faculty Forum