Faculty Forum Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 14, 2002, 3:30PM

LSC Conference Room


Chair:Ernie DeZolt

Vice Chair:Dick Horwath

Secretary:Karen Gygli


I. Invocation:Verghese Chirayath


II.Minutes of November 15, 2001:Approved.



         Ernie thanked the faculty for the active participation in the Forumís Forum at the November meeting.He has received a lot of positive feedback concerning it from various faculty members.Because todayís meeting is almost exclusively set aside for the Academic VPís address, followed by a question and answer period, ForumísForum will reappear at the March meeting.

         Ernie has been asked by Tom Zlatoper to be on the North Central Committee on Faculty Governance and Morale committee.Thanks Tom!

         Faculty Forum Web page:alive once again, thanks to Carl Spitznagel and Dick Horwath.Meeting minutes, membership of standing committees and proposals will be posted there, so check it out atwww.jcu.edu/forum.

         Two Faculty Forum meetings will be lunch meetings next year--one in November on a Thursday at 12:30 and one in April on a Wednesday at Noon.

         Fr. Glynn appointed Andy Welki as faculty athletic representative, formerly a position voted on and held by Paul Shick.


IV.Committee Reports:

         Rank, Tenure and Salary:Concerning the proposal that the Director of the Library be placed on Library tenure committees despite having an administrative contract:Eric Fuglister announced that open hearings will be scheduled ASAP.Eric will announce the dates on the daily faculty news sent by email.

         Research, Service and Faculty Development:Jerry Weinstein announced that this committee has not yet met this semester.However, they will be meeting soon.The committee is willing to listen to faculty and to discuss matters important to the committee.

         Finance:Joe Kelly announced that open hearings will be held next week on the proposal to allow retired faculty to continue teaching without compromising benefits.

         Committee on Academic Policy:Jackie Schmidt announced that she would be presenting under new business.


V.New Business:

         Faculty voting list verified by Dick Horwath of the Faculty Forum Service Committee as follows:262 faculty total, 17 on leave during spring semester of 2002, which leaves 245 on campus, so a procedural quorum is 49 faculty and a substantive quorum is 98 faculty.

         Paul Shick of the Nominations committee asked for nominations from the floor, and then announced that the ballot for the spring elections should be coming soon to your campus mail box.

         Jackie Schmidt, chair of the Committee on Academic Policy presented the proposed change to the core document about reducing the number of common books in First Year Seminar from four to three.The proposal is attached to the agenda for this meeting.It was moved and seconded that this proposal be sent to a vote.It will be mailed out to faculty soon.


VI.†† Interim Academic Vice Presidentís Address to Faculty Forum:the transcript of the talk is attached.

         Questions and Concerns from the floor:

         David LaGuardia was complimented for any help he gave in bringing Vagina Monologues and the Drag show to campus.It was great to see these events at JCU. David replied that he neither merited nor wanted praise for those events.

         When asked about the Academic Vice President search status, LaGuardia replied that he didnít know.In response to a follow-up question, LaGuardia replied that he was asked to serve as the interim if the search didnít end in hiring someone.The difficulty in starting an AVP search now is that all the other searches are going on and there are programs that need to move forward.

         A faculty member thanked LaGuardia for ďall you have done and what you have yet to do.Ē

         Would you accept the position of AVP if it were offered to you without a search?LaGuardia replied that he realized the implications of this question and the kind of dilemma Fr. Glynn finds himself in.He replied further that heíd like to be able to say heíd never accept without search, but he will make the decision if and when Fr. Glynn decides to appoint him.He will wait and see, and he will continue to weight the implications of such a decision.†† However, at the current time, he has not been offered the position.

         LaGuardia was asked to comment on the freeze on budget and salary increases.In reply, LaGuardia stated that this had been a very difficult budget year.A very large class graduated this year and health insurance costs increased 32%, which come out of the tuition increase.After September 11, there were generally huge changes in insurance costs.Other institutions are asking for tuition increases too.If health care costs continue to spiral we as an institution will need to have serious discussions.Other uncertainties:what will the impact of 9/11 and the recession be on our ability to attract a sizable first-year class?If several bad things happen, it could be a difficult year, so we are being cautious.

         Budget:any updates on Dolan Science Center?Everything is on schedule.Not all of the bids are in yet, but all the bids that are in are keeping us on budget as well.



Meeting adjourned:4:45pm.Reception followed in the adjoining room.

Minutes prepared by Karen Gygli, Secretary, Faculty Forum