CHAIR:                  Ernie DeZolt

VICE CHAIR:        Dick Horwath

SECRETARY:       Roland Madison



Chair Ernie DeZolt called the meeting to order at 4:07 P.M. in the LSC Conference Room.


Invocation:            In lieu of a prayer, Ernie DeZolt opened the meeting with a poem on truth titled “Smells of Good Food.”


Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the February 13, 2003 meeting were approved as amended.


 NOTE: Two questions regarding the minutes were asked from the floor.  The first was about the absence of the Academic Vice President’s (AVP) February presentation as an implied attachment to the Forum packet of materials.  The Secretary provided the text of the presentation to the Chair. The Chair noted that, given the size of the March meeting packet, it was his decision not to “kill more trees” and recopy the AVP’s presentation as an additional attachment.  The AVP’s February address to the Forum is posted on the Forum’s web site.   Second, during the February meeting, the Chair announced that Fr. Glynn approved three recommendations sent to him from the Forum.  The Chair did not enumerate these items. Accordingly, the minutes did not reflect such a listing. A faculty member requested that such items be identified in the future for recording in the minutes.  The chair agreed with the recommendation.




·         The Chair announced that two special meetings of the faculty would likely be held in April regarding faculty health care benefits.  The times, dates, and locations that appeared on the March 26 agenda were as follows: April 8, 3:305:00 PM, SC-168 and April 29, 3:30-5:00 PM, Jardine Room.

·         The Chair indicated that the Sub-Committee on Faculty Governance, Morale, and Evaluation is in process of revising the first draft of their report and will send their report (after revision) to the Steering Committee shortly.

·         The Chair made two announcements in regard to the December 2002 Special Meeting of the Faculty regarding the Employee Handbook.  First, there was a petition forwarded to the Chair by Sheila McGinn regarding the process followed in the development of the handbook.  Second, a committee comprised of Mark Treleven, Ernie DeZolt and Bob Kolesar (Mt.) met with Human Resource’s Director Lisa Mencini in March and they will meet again on April 3rd.    The purpose of these meetings is to determine who signed off on the changes regarding faculty benefits in the new employee handbook.

·         The Chair indicated that the Rank, Tenure, and Salary Committee was working with Jim Krukones, Associate Academic Vice President to get five-year data published regarding the analysis of CUPA figures on Faculty salaries as well as exploring the possibility of release time for the Forum Chair. 

·         The Chair indicated he had received a request from  Gary Homany regarding potential faculty input on environmental, health, and safety policies.

·         The Chair thanked Paul Lauritzen for his proposal on changes in Forum amendment procedures.  The chair also announced that a sub-committee of the Forum Executive Committee had been formed to consider the proposal.


New Business:


·         Patrick Mooney (Ad Hoc Diploma Committee Chair) put forth the motion to change the wording on the JCU diploma.  The motion was seconded and will move forward to a vote of the Faculty.

·         Jackie Schmidt (CAPs Chair) put forth a motion for an Undergraduate Concentration in Italian Studies.  The motion was seconded and will move forward to a vote of the Faculty.

·         Jackie Schmidt (CAPs Chair) put forth a motion for a Business Information Systems (BIS) and Computer Information Systems (CIS) Joint Proposal for two majors.  After a correction of the numbering for two Economics courses, the motion was seconded and will move forward to a vote of the Faculty.

·         John Ivec, VP for Finance and Administrative Services, and Rich Mausser, Controller, made their annual presentation to the Faculty Forum.  Their report, which included a historical review of fiscal year 2001-2002, also included remarks regarding their views on the current fiscal year 2002-2003, and certain forecasts for fiscal year 2003-2004.  Rich Mausser made the presentation and John Ivec responded to questions.  In summary, they believe that John Carroll faces a number of “budgetary challenges” which largely relate to expansions of Land, Buildings, and Equipment projects (Dolan Science Center, Shula Sports Center, and the Fairmont Circle acquisition), the state of the economy (decline of stock market values), the decline in alumni and other gifts, collection of student accounts, and the very dramatic rise in health care costs (43% over the last two years).  While the picture painted was not bright, Mr. Ivec indicated that our institution was in a better shape financially that many other private institutions that had not operated in a conservative manner in recent years.  Mr. Ivec responded, with supportive comments from Mr. Mausser, to a number of questions from the floor of the Forum.  Health care, tuition and enrollment, collection of student accounts, and the use of the old Science Building as a parking facility versus other options were among the many items discussed during the Q & A period. Bob Kolesar (Mt.) asked Mr. Ivec to discuss the two major topical areas posed in the advanced questions he had received.  Mr. Ivec declined, indicating he preferred to address those firsthand questions posed directly from the floor of the Forum. 


Adjournment:       The Chair thanked Mr. Ivec and Mr. Mausser for their presentation.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:28 PM.



Minutes prepared by:  Roland L. Madison

Secretary, Faculty Forum