Faculty Forum Meeting

John Carroll University

Thursday, November 15, 2001, 11:30AM,

LSC Conference Room

Chair:Ernie DeZolt

Vice Chair:Dick Horwath

Secretary:Karen Gygli


1.      Invocation:Sr. Mary Ann Flannery, VSC

2.      Approval of Minutes from October 17, 2001:Approved as corrected.The last sentence under the Financial Committee report has been corrected to state the following:ďJoe said that a more complete proposal should be presented in Spring, 2002.Ē

3.      Announcements:

        Octoberís Forum, Conversations with the President transcript is attached to this meetingís agenda.

        Septemberís Forum, State of the Forum Address transcript is also attached to this meetingís agenda.

        Ernie thanked David LaGuardia and Ken Eslinger for making todayís lunch possible.

        Discussions are being held concerning creating a budget line for Faculty Forum operating expenses.In past years, Forum chairs have requested that expenses be covered after the fact, and these requests have always been approved by the administration.However, a more formal budget would insure that the Forum would go into each academic year knowing how much there is to spend and that officers could make more informed decisions on the best use of funds.

        Each Forum committee chair needs to turn in to Ernie no later than February an update on the status of each proposal still in committee.

        Also under discussion is the creation of a university-wide committee to discuss issues which concern JCU administrators, faculty, trustees, staff and students.

4.      Committee Reports:

        Committee on Academic Policies:The committee has been working on, among other things, the proposed changes in the Core Document and has also been discussing the recent changes in the Student Handbook with Nick Baumgartner and Joe Miller.There will be more to report in the spring.

        Rank, Tenure and Salary:This committee is continuing to work on the issues of health benefits for retired faculty and on issues concerning the tenure committees for library faculty.

        Research, Service and Faculty Development:Completed work on Grauel and Research Grant awards.

        Finance:The committee is meeting next week to discuss the issue of allowing retired faculty to teach at the university.


5.New Business:The drafted guidelines for Forumís Forum discussions, distributed at the last Forum meeting, were discussed.A proposal was made that Forumís Forum be added to every Forum meeting and that the drafted guidelines be adopted for use.An addition was made to the proposal whereby at least 20 minutes per meeting be saved for a Forumís Forum.The Forumís Forum is not for the resolution of proposals or ideas and no votes would be taken nor business conducted during a Forumís Forum, which is for discussion only.Speakers would be encouraged to take their issue to the Forum committees for further action outside the Forumís Forum time.

The proposal passed.


6.Forumís Forum:In the ensuing discussion, the following topics were raised:the current wording on the JCU diploma, which could be construed as elitist;studentsí use of the Tuesday before Thanksgiving as a travel day because the dorms close; a university-sponsored (not simply a student-group-sponsored) recycling program; any students stranded over Thanksgiving because of travel concerns due to September 11;the establishment of a daycare facility for faculty at the University.


7.Further Considerations from the Floor:A proposal was made that an ad hoc committee be formed to look into the wording on the JCU diploma and to report its findings to Ed Glynn.The proposal was amended in that the composition of the ad hoc committee will be determined by the Faculty Forum Executive committee, with open hearings to follow.The motion passed.


The meeting adjourned at 12:34 PM.


Minutes prepared by Karen Gygli, Secretary, Faculty Forum