Chair: Darrell Horwath
Vice Chair: Jerry Moreno
Secretary: Karen Gygli

Minutes for
November 19, 1999
LSC Conference Room

  1. Invocation: Dr. Verghese J. Chirayath
  2. Minutes of October 20, 1999: Approved with the following corrections: Jim Lissamore’s meeting with Fred Travis was the Friday previous to the Forum meeting, not Thursday as stated in minutes; the issue of adjunct faculty status for corporate employees was not an issue at that meeting; JCCI stands for John Carroll Collaborative with Industry.


  3. Announcements:
  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Presentation on Medical Mutual Changes: Lisa Mencini stated that because there have been several informational meetings concerning the new health benefits, she will not be taking questions from the floor but will wait in the back with the benefits representative to answer questions after the meeting. She stressed that these changes are enhancements to the coverage that most John Carroll employees already enjoy. She encouraged faculty to take the informative packets from the back of the room and read them over, emailing Lisa with any questions. Those faculty who are presently enrolled in Medical Mutual need not reapply to get the same benefits they have gotten in the past; faculty enrolled in Kaiser or Medical Mutual who want the new plan need to get the forms filled out and in by November 29, since the company needs lead time to get everyone into the computer by January 1. Several faculty members asked that questions from the floor be taken, since there was almost forty minutes left to the meeting. Discussion ensued. Lisa and Dennis, the benefits representative, stated that this is a long research project now coming to fruition, that this new plan is in response to the needs expressed by many faculty for coverage of children’s physicals, dental and vision costs, and that the costs to faculty would not change. The possibility of semi-annual or annual meetings to address concerns was raised. The certificate booklet will be available in mid-December.

    2. Report from the Ad Hoc Committee on the Evaluation of the First Year Seminar: Jerry Moreno referred to the data summaries and report attached to the meeting agenda and several committee members presented parts of the document. The committee ran out of time, and it was agreed to have an additional Faculty Forum meeting in order to complete the presentation of this report.

    3. The meeting was adjourned at 5:20PM.

    4. Meeting to continue the November Faculty Forum meeting, January 27, 2000.

    Submitted by Karen Gygli, Faculty Forum Secretary.