OCTOBER 23, 2002


Chair:  Ernie DeZolt

Vice Chair: Dick Horwath

Secretary:  Roland Madison


Chair Ernie DeZolt called the meeting to order at 4:12 P.M.


I.                     Invocation:  Verghese Chirayath asked the Forum to have a moment of silent prayer.

II.                   Minutes from September 19, 2002 meeting: Approved.

III.                 Announcements:


·         The Chair announced that all Forum proposals in committee could be found at the following web address:  (    In addition, he said the site would show the proposals, their status, announcements of open hearings as well as the results of those hearings would be on the Forum’s web page.  Accordingly, Committee Reports would not be presented at Forum meetings unless some type of formal action was to be taken by the Forum regarding the proposal.

·         The Chair indicated that a number of open hearings were due to occurring during October and November.

·         The Chair announced that the FYS Core recommendation to reduce the number of texts in the FYS had been approved by Fr. Glynn.

·         The Chair announced that the Forum’s November 21 meeting would be held at 12:15 P.M. with a lunch being provided for those in attendance.

·         The Chair asked Dwight Olson (Chair of RTS) to provide an update on RTS activities.  Dwight indicated that a policy permitting the Library Director to serve on the Library’s tenure committee was in process.  He also noted that various faculty leave policies (e.g. maternity, childcare, adoption, and illness) were being developed.  He felt these proposed policies would likely be brought to the Forum for action during the spring semester (2003).


The Chair then indicated that since the necessary quorum to conduct Forum business was not present, the remainder of the agenda would be set aside and the floor would be turned over to Fr. Glynn to hear his remarks labeled as “Conversation with the President.” 


Fr. Glynn indicated that his remarks were essentially the same nine points that he had made to the Board of Directors at the Board’s October meeting.  The nine points he discussed were as follows:


·         843 Freshmen enrolled this fall

·         Kresge Foundation Grant of $950,000 received

·         JCU will be one of the partners in a $7.5 million NSF grant as it pertains to Cleveland Municipal Schools.

·         John Carroll University first-time CPA setters with graduate degrees had the third highest passage rate in the nation on the November 2001 CPA examination.

·         Four JCU faculty members received Fulbright Awards to study abroad.

·         UH City Council has approved the construction of the Shula Stadium with lights, paving the way for night games to be held at the Stadium.

·         JCU has reached $106 million of its $125 million goal in receipts and pledges in Giving for the Greater Good Campaign.

·         The auditor’s report is complete for FYE May 31, 2002, and indicates that JCU has again operated in the black ink.  Fr. Glynn indicated that the consistent financial performance of JCU over a long period of time “must be some sort of record” for private colleges.


·         Faculty will be given greater participation in the University governance/ budgeting process.  Four faculty members will be added to the University’s Budget Committee (UBC).  Fr. Glynn will appoint two faculty members and the  faculty will elect two members to the UBC.


In closing, Fr. Glynn thanked the faculty for their outstanding effort in making JCU so successful in the retention of first-year students.  He cited some statistics that basically placed JCU as one of the best schools in the Midwest at retaining their students.


After his remarks, Fr. Glynn took questions from the floor with a variety of issues being identified by Forum members.  Some of the items identified were: 


·         Faculty participation on University Planning Committee(UPC)

·         Nature of Student Financial Aid (targeting aid)

·         What is process to bring a proposal to UPC?  How does UPC function?

·         Will UPC publish a strategic plan?   (Fr. Glynn said it would with updates on how the plan is being met.)

·         Admission’s goal for next year is rumored to be 840 freshmen.  How is that number determined?  Fr. Glynn indicated that a joint effort among the Committee on Undergraduate Enrollment, Admissions, Development, and the AVP’s office collaborate to discuss/ develop enrollment targets.

·         What’s going on with JCCI?

·         The Chair asked Fr. Glynn about his preferences for a University-wide promotion and tenure committee (P& T).  Fr. Glynn indicated he was in favor of such a P & T Committee and gave his reasons for supporting such a structure.  Following his remarks on this subject, a lively discussion ensued among those in attendance at the meeting (for an extended summary of the discussion and other points, see the notes below that were transcribed by Brent Brossmann.) 


NOTE:  Brent Brossmann transcribed the following Q & A notes for the Secretary, who had to leave the Forum meeting at 5:05 PM to teach a 5:30 P.M. class off campus. 


                An intense discussion ensued concerning how tenure should be evaluated.  It was noted that additional checks beyond the department’s approval are necessary since “weak departments” (of which Fr. Glynn assured us, JCU has none) can perpetuate themselves.  It was also noted that departments could sometimes unfairly deny tenure to deserving candidates. The discussion then focused on several items, most prominently: (1) the relative importance of teaching and research; and (2) the means of evaluating quality teaching. There was a general consensus that more discussion was needed concerning both of these issues.

                Fr. Glynn promised to ask the Deans what had happened to the tenure statements drafted by departments in the early 1990s.  Dr. LaGuardia suggested that these statements died on the floor of the Faculty Forum, but others (in attendance) suggested that while some proposals never got out of the Forum, others (tenure statements) were sent directly to the deans and still await (their) approval.  Dr. LaGuardia also challenged the faculty to create a common evaluation form to assist everyone in assessing quality teaching. As several members indicated, regardless of whether the Deans and departments have official standards for assessing teaching, each is required to do (document the quality of teaching) for every annual evaluation and every tenure decision. 


The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 P.M.


Minutes prepared by: Roland L. Madison

Secretary, Faculty Forum