Guidelines for Developing and Submitting Concentration Proposals

Procedure for Approval of Interdisciplinary Concentrations


April, 2003


The proposal for an interdisciplinary concentration should be submitted to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Forum for referral to the Committee on Academic Policies (CAP).



The proposal should include:


1.      Formal name of the concentration, coordinator, list of committee members.


2.      A clear rationale for the concentration.


3.      A list of goals and objectives for the concentration.


4.      Approval of the departments involved and the dean(s) of the college(s) in which theparticipating departments reside.


5.      The number of hours required for the concentration.


6.      The g.p.a. requirement for the concentration.


7.      A list of all courses included as well as distribution requirements.


8.      The percentage of content of each course included in the concentration that concerns material specific to the concentration.


9.      ††The departments in which the required courses of the concentration originate.††


10.  A tentative schedule of how frequently courses are offered.


11.  A mechanism to assess the student learning outcomes of the concentration.



After submission, CAP may seek further clarification from the departmental representatives, proposed concentration coordinator and/or deans of the colleges involved.


CAP will hold open hearings on the concentration.







Having gathered information from the open hearings, CAP may return the proposal to the originating representatives for further consideration, may consult with the proposed concentration coordinates, departmental representatives and /or the appropriate deans, or forward the proposalin either the original or modified form to the Executive Committee of the Forum with or without a recommendation of approval.


The Executive Committee of the Forum will decide whether to place the proposal on the Forumís agenda for a vote or return it to CAP for more work.