POLICY ON Reduction in Duties fOR FAMILY CARE

Draft: 11/12/2003



A Reduction in Duties to provide care for family members with serious health problems is available to Active Status faculty members. Upon submission of a request and proper documentation, the faculty member may be granted a Reduction in Duties according to the following provisions:


  1. Requests for this Reduction in Duties are made by the faculty member to the AVP through the appropriate Dean.


  1. The Reduction in Duties will be one of the following, both involving full pay and benefits for the faculty member.
    1. Change from Active Status to On Leave Status: While On Leave, the faculty member has no duties at the University; or
    2. Reduction in Teaching Load: The faculty member has normal duties, except for a 6-hour reduction from the faculty memberís regular teaching load. For Library Faculty this is to be interpreted as a reduction to half-time duties. (Regular Teaching Load is to be interpreted as the number of hours the faculty member would have taught had the Reduction not been granted.)


  1. A person is considered to be a family member of the faculty member if that person is a domestic partner, child, child of a domestic partner, parent, parent of a domestic partner, or a sibling of the faculty member. Other possible relationships will be considered on an individual basis, e.g., legal guardianship, etc.

  1. It is expected that most faculty requesting a Reduction in Duties for family care should be granted a Reduction in Teaching Load, with a change to the On Leave Status granted for cases with extenuating circumstances.


  1. Reductions in Duties for family care are granted for a one-semester period but may be renewed upon approval by the AVP.


  1. A faculty member who intends to invoke this policy must consult with the appropriate department chair as soon as is practicable, so as to allow the University a reasonable opportunity to provide for coverage of the duties of the faculty member during the period of reduced duties.


  1. Administrators must exercise due care to ensure that the granting of a Reduction in Duties under this policy does not simply increase the workload of the other faculty members in the department; that is, visiting faculty and/or additional part-time faculty should be hired as appropriate to cover the responsibilities of the faculty member granted the Reduction in Duties.


  1. Faculty members who have their requests for a Reduction in Duties rejected under this policy may appeal the decision through the appeal process defined in the Faculty Handbook.


A visiting faculty member may be granted a Reduction in Duties under this policy as the situation warrants.