John Carroll University Policy on Searches for Academic Deans & Chief Academic Officer



(1)   The University is committed to attracting the best possible candidates for leadership positions on campus.For that reason, when a position is available at the level of dean or chief academic officer, the University will conduct a national search to fill the position.


(2)   Search committees will actively seek a strong and diverse pool of candidates and will be provided with the resources to do so.



*This policy does not necessarily govern the selection of assistant or associate deans or the assistant or associate chief academic officer.





1.      A search committee will be formed and a national search will be conducted for each vacancy that occurs for the position of academic dean or chief academic officer. The president or the presidentís designate, in consultation with the Faculty Service Committee, will decide the size of the committee.No member of a search committee may be a candidate for the vacant position.


  1. A majority of the search committee will be elected faculty.The president or his or her designate will appoint a chair for the committee from the faculty. The Faculty Service Committee will, in consultation with the president or his or her designate, hold elections for the remaining faculty members of the search committee so that, including the chair, a majority of the faculty on the committee will be from the school, college, or departments most directly affected (i.e., for Dean, CAS, a majority will be from the CAS, for Dean, BSOB, a majority from BSOB, for Dean of the GS, a majority from departments with graduate programs).In all cases, there will be at least one faculty member on the search committee from the CAS and the BSOB.



3.      In addition to appointing the chair of the search committee, the president or her or his designate shall, in consultation with the chair of the search committee, also appoint additional members to represent other constituencies within the university, such as students, members of the board of directors, and representatives of other divisions of the university.The number appointed will constitute not more than one third of the total number of committee members.Once the search committee is constituted, the president or designate shall inform the University community of the composition of the committee.


4.        As part of the interview process, the finalists for the position will be invited to address the university community and to receive their questions.The search committee will also seek comments from different constituencies within the university on each of the candidates.



5.      After the completion of the interviews, the search committee will submit in writing its recommendation to the president or his or her designate.The recommendation will include ranked preferences of viable candidates in addition to the recommended candidate.If the recommendation is not acceptable to the president or designate, or if for some reason a recommendation or appointment cannot be made, the president or his or her designate will discuss with the search committee either a suitable approach for resolving the issues involved or the process for beginning a new search.Further, once an appointment has been made, or, if no appointment is made, at the conclusion of a search for the position of dean or vice president, the search committee will make a general report to the university community that will provide information about the search, while still maintaining the confidentiality of the process.