Report of the Committee on Academic Policies
February 19, 2004
   The Committee on Academic Policies has met three times since
November.  We were contacted and met with Dr. Doug Norris, chair of
mathematics and computer science about the department's new graduate
track  for middle school teachers in their master's program.  After
reviewing the proposal and discussion, committee members concurred that
this proposal did not need to go to the forum since it was not a new
master's program, but only a new track within the existing master's
program.  Therefore, it needed only the approval of the Graduate Studies
Committee.  The committee thanked Dr.Norris and the department for their
sensitivity to faculty concerns.
The committee also held hearings on  the Africana Studies
Concentration.  Revisions have been made based on these suggestions and
we hope to present a revised proposal at the March forum meeting.