Forum Finance Committee Report
October 23, 2002 Forum Meeting:

The committee has not addressed the teaching after retirement item, but we will.

Update on the Health plan issue: Lisa Mencini has been negotiating with Medical Mutual on the premium for 2003. It appears that we will not be suffering another 34% increase for next year. She feels confident that the increase will be such that it will give us time to review our current plans and adjust them so as to manage the increasing cost of health care. In that regard, four health consultants have submitted proposals. Lisa Mencini, Jon Ivec and I (along with Forum Finance Committee members who can make all four interviews) will be interviewing the candidates. The basic charge for the chosen consultant will be to review our current health plan offerings and recommend possible redesign of benefits. I will inform the Forum of the specifics at a later meeting.

The desired timetable is to hire the consultant by mid-November, receive a report from the consultant by mid-February, and have a faculty vote (as per the Faculty Handbook) by the end of spring semester.

Jerry Moreno, Chair
Forum Finance Committee