Forum Finance Committee Report, Forum Meeting 9/19/02

Jerry Moreno, Chair

Members: Jon Ivec, Joe Kelly, Earl Spurgin, Charlie Watts.


At the end of last semester, the committee elected me as chair. We thanked Joe Kelly for his excellent work as chair and wished him well on his Grauel this year. The committee thanked Walter Simmons for his work and welcomed Charlie Watts as his replacement as the representative from the School of Business. In response to the April 18 report to the Forum from the university ad hoc Health Benefits Committee, meetings were held with Lisa Mencini and/or David LaGuardia over the summer to discuss the health benefits situation. Please read the committees memo to all faculty, dated September 4, 2002, that summarizes our work on this issue. The situation at the moment is that Lisa Mencini is in the process of meeting with Medical Mutual to discuss what the premium cost to the university will be for 2003. She is also seeking proposals from health consultants and hopes to have someone under contract soon. She has invited faculty input into the process of finding a health consultant. The committee thanks those faculty who have given us suggestions and who have volunteered their expertise. It is my hope that in working with the health consultant this fall, a proposal would be available by spring semester for discussion.