Fall 2003


Report from the Forum Finance Committee:


The committee met at 2:00 on Monday, September 8 and elected Jerry Moreno as Chair. The other agenda item was a discussion of the inconclusive result of the May 2003 vote on the health issue (118 for, 26 against). 129 affirmative votes were needed for passage. Jon Ivec mentioned that he and the Director of Human Resources felt that it was necessary to make the changes regarding the health issue to staff and administration with such information being distributed as soon as September 15 to give people enough time to review the plans and make an informed decision. Open enrolment is October 12 – 24. Members of the committee asked that the information be held until after a vote by the faculty, but understood the timing difficulty of such a request. The committee decided to move the same proposal at the September 18 meeting as the situation has not changed, nor has the proposal. The proposal is still on the web so faculty may review the details at www.jcu.edu/forum and click on “proposals.” Jerry was to find out the number of new faculty and would assign them to committee members to make personal calls to explain the details of the proposal. He was also to write an email message to the faculty to be sent before the Forum meeting that mentions the committee’s intention to reintroduce the proposal for vote and to encourage all faculty to vote. The meeting adjourned at 2:45.