Rank, Tenure and Salary Committee Report

February 13, 2003


The Committee has completed its work on the proposals listed below and they will be forwarded to Forum for subsequent action.



  1. Proposals for a Change in Status for:
    1. Birth of a child
    2. Adoption of a child
    3. Family medical reasons


  1. Proposal for extending the probationary period for tenure



Items remaining to be considered by the committee:


  1. We are developing a proposal to change the order of activity used during the self-evaluation of faculty process. We have determined that there might be some merit to the suggestion that in the process of submitting oneís self-evaluation, the chair of the department should write comments before the faculty member submits comments and then the faculty member could react to the comments of the chair. When such a proposal has been formulated we will hold open hearings.
  2. We are investigating the adherence of JCU to stated salary goals that were developed about ten years ago. We are seeking information from the AVPís Office regarding how departments stand versus these goals and how much it will cost to bring the University into compliance with the goals (if that is needed).
  3. Should there be a University Tenure Committee?We are still trying to determine our course of action in this area.



Respectfully submitted,


Dwight M. Olson, Committee Chair