Report of the Research, Service, and Faculty Development Committee

For Faculty Forum meeting October 23, 2002

Dwight Hahn, Chair of RSFD



            This past month the work of the committee has been limited to its service on the University Research and Service Committee.  That committee has met to evaluate and rank Summer Research proposals for summer 2003. 

            Due to a scheduling conflict, Leslie Curtis stepped off the University Research Committee.  My thanks to Kathleen Manning for agreeing to fill the position.  


The updated roster of membership:


Mary Beadle (Ex Officio)

Leslie Curtis (’04)

Richard Fleischman* (’04)

Dwight Hahn,* Chair (’03)

Marc Kirschenbaum (’05)

Kathy Manning* (’03)

Catherine Miller* (’05)

Mariana Ortega*(’05)

Jerry Weinstein (’04)


            Those names with an asterisk are members who are serving for the current academic year on the University’s committee on Research and Service.