Faculty Forum Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 13, 2001, 3:30PM

LSC Conference Room

John Carroll University


Chair: Ernie DeZolt

Vice Chair: Dick Horwath

Secretary: Karen Gygli


Ernie convened the meeting at 3:40PM. There was a procedural quorum present.


Invocation: Verghese Chirayath. There was a minute of silence held for the victims of World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on September 11.

Minutes from April 19, 2001 Faculty Forum Meeting: Approved.



         Welcome to the first meeting of the 2001-02 academic year.

         Please remember to sign the Forum Meeting sign-in sheet if you have not already done so.

         There will be two Forum meetings this year at a new time. The November 15 and April 18 Forum meetings will be held at 11:30 AM-1PM. A lunch will be served.

         Ed Glynn will address the Forum at the October 17 meeting.

         Forum's Forum: There will be time reserved at the end of every Forum meeting for questions, concerns and issues from anyone at the meeting. This will hopefully insure that the Forum is a place for debate and discussion, as well as a platform for reports.

         This year's assignments to the Board of Trustees Committees are as follows:

         Academic Affairs and Planning: Ernie DeZolt

         Development Committee: Dick Horwath

         Finance and Audit Committee: Joe Kelly

         Properties Committee: David Ewing

         Student Affairs Committee: Karen Gygli


Verification of Voting Faculty: Carl Spitznagel reported as follows:

         261 Total Faculty

         8 are on leave during fall semester, so there are 253 Voting Faculty this fall.

         51 faculty are needed for a procedural quorum.

         102 faculty are needed for a substantive quorum.


Committee Reports:

         Committee on Academic Policies: Jackie Schmidt reported that the committee met to choose a chair, and that she was voted in as chair. They will meet again in October, at which time Jackie will have a full report for the Forum.

         Rank, Tenure and Salary Committee: Eric Fuglister reported that the committee met and voted him in a chair again. More will be reported at the next Forum meeting.

         Research, Service and Faculty Development: Jerry Weinstein reported that the committee has yet to meet this year, so he is still serving as chair. There will be a full report at October's Forum meeting.

         Finance: Joe Kelly is again the chair of this committee for this year. The committee is currently discussing the Cleveland State program and the issue of allowing retired faculty to teach at this university. More will be reported at future Forum meetings.


New Business:

         Ernie gave the State of the Forum address. He expressed his belief that the Forum should be a body of democratic debate, not simply a recommending body. He went over the previous year's successes and failures, with a forecast of this coming year and a review of campus problems. Failures included a lack of attendance, the failure of the Nominations committee to fill slots for elections last spring in a timely manner, and tensions between some administrators and the Forum. Successes included having Brent Brossman serve as Parliamentarian, the completion of all proposals that were going through Forum committees, and the survival of the Forum. This year, Ed Glynn will address the Forum at October's meeting and David La Guardia will address the Forum in February. Also, the Forum's Forum will be a part of every meeting. Ernie stated that he would like to see Student Affairs get more faculty imput in student disciplinary procedures. Also, he is happy to see that faculty recently got re-invited to Alumni Weekend and would like the staff to be invited as well. He thinks that the $150 technology fee should be discussed, and he hopes that the new meeting times for Faculty Forum will increase attendance.

         New faculty were introduced to the Forum by the chairs of their departments. In his introduction, David LaGuardia voiced his hope for positive interaction, civil dialogue and increased trust between faculty and administration.

         John Gladstone gave his report on incoming first year students.


Forum's Forum:

         In response to a question from the floor, Ernie expressed his hope for better communication between administration and faculty.

         There was a discussion concerning the change in policy whereby first-year students no longer need permission from their advisors to drop a class. How did this change occur and why was this done? Why wasn't Forum consulted? It was decided to have CAP look into this issue with the College of Arts and Sciences.

         Marc Lynn announced a series of brown bag lunches designed to give students and faculty a way to discuss issues raised by Tuesday's disasters in NYC and Washington D.C. There will be a meeting tomorrow, Friday, September 14, from 2PM to 3PM to discuss this.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:10PM.


Minutes prepared by Karen Gygli, Secretary, Faculty Forum.