SEPTEMBER 19, 2002


Chair:  Ernie DeZolt

Vice Chair: Dick Horwath

Secretary:  Roland Madison


Chair Ernie DeZolt called the meeting to order at 3:33 P.M.

I.                   Invocation:  Verghese Chirayath

II.                Minutes from April 18, 2002 Meeting:  Approved.


In order to accommodate those persons with commitments to various  concurrent meetings occurring on campus, the Chair moved to Part IV, New Business, the Introduction of New Faculty and introduced Dr. David LaGuardia, Academic Vice President.  After making several remarks about change on campus, Dr. LaGuardia introduced Deans Mary Beadle (Graduate School), Nick Baumgartner (College of Arts and Science) and Frank Navratil (Boler School of Business), who each introduced new administrators in their respective units, and then introduced their Departmental Chairs.  The department chairs in turn introduced twenty-six new faculty members.   The list of the names, with their unit affiliation, of all new faculty members and adminsitrators is attached (Source: Office of Academic Vice President). 


Dr. Navratil introduced Dr. Marian Extejt as Interim Associate Dean of the Boler School of Business, Ms. Sara Andersen as Assistant to the BSOB Dean, and he welcomed Drs. Gerald Weinstein and Jonathan Smith as the new chairpersons of Accountancy, and Management, Marketing and Logistics, respectively.


III.             Announcements:


·        The Chair thanked Carl Spitznagel for placing Forum Committee reports on the JCU Web page.   These committee reports will no longer be presented at Forum meetings unless some formal action is needed by the Forum to move forward based upon the Committee’s report or proposal.

·        Several items that were approved by the Forum last Spring have been forwarded to President Glynn and await his approval. 

·        A change was made to the Forum’s Constitution whereby the Forum Secretary was replaced on the Nominating Committee with the Forum’s Vice Chair.

·        The Chair reported that he has spoken with each of the Ad Hoc Committees in place. The proposal for a change in the language used on the JCU diploma will be studied; also, the four faculty members appointed to meet with the President on the role of faculty in university governance will join with the Forum’s elected officers in their monthly meetings with Fr. Glynn.

·        The Chair welcomed Ruth Connell as a CAP replacement member.


IV.     New Business:


Dick Horwath  (acting as Faculty Service Committee Chair) reported that seven faculty members, out of our total of 265 faculty persons, were on leave this semester.  Accordingly, he reported that a procedural quorum for the Forum is fifty-two (52) faculty members, and one hundred and four (104) faculty members are required for a substantive meeting of the Faculty Forum.


Tom Fanning, as Director of Admissions, presented a reported describing our 2002 freshman class.  He provided a handout for those in attendance (copy not attached).  Some of the items he highlighted in his presentation included in the following: class size of 843 is third largest frosh class in JCU history; 434 of frosh are “local”; yield rate has improved (number of students who enrolled divided by number of applicants accepted – 33% (2001) to 35% (2002).  The 2002 frosh have an H.S.  GPA of 3.3 versus a 3.27 GPA for the 2001 frosh entrants. Sixty-two percent (62%) of frosh 2002 class were in the top quartile of their HS class and eighty-seven percent (87%) were in the top half of their HS class.  The acceptance rate for minorities who applied to JCU was 73 percent while the acceptance rate for non-minorities was 87 percent.  Ninety percent of the 2002 freshmen class will reside on campus.  The Admission’s Office has added three new staff persons.  Some of these are replacement hiring while others are expansion hiring.  Tom received a round of applause for “a job well done” by the Forum attendees. 





V.               Forum’s Forum


A question was raised asking if Fr. Glynn was “sitting on the items” forwarded to him for approval by the Forum.


The Chair replied that he did not believe these items were being deliberately delayed.  He indicated that Fr. Glynn, in his very busy schedule, had simply not gotten to them yet and he felt their approval would be forthcoming shortly. 


A question was asked about identifying the faculty members were that were to meet with Fr. Glynn involving faculty governance issues.  The Chair identified these faculty members as:


Dave Robson,  History

Bob Kolesar, Math

Brent Brossmann, Communications

Chris Roark, English


VI.  Adjournment.        The Chair, hearing no further items for discussion, declared the meeting adjourned at 4:45 P.M.



Minutes prepared by Roland L. Madison, Secretary