John Carroll University
Faculty Forum

Chair: Darrell Horwath
Vice Chair: Jerry Moreno
Secretary: Karen Gygli

Minutes for
September 16, 1999 meeting at 3:30 PM
Jardine Room

 I. Invocation: David Mason

II. Minutes of April 15, 1999: The minutes were approved without objection.

III. Announcements: Darrell Horwath

As agreed upon with Fr. Glynn, members of the faculty and student body were named to the standing Board of Trustees committees. These new members met with the Board committees in June. The faculty representatives to the Board committees were appointed from the Faculty Forum Executive Officers. These faculty members will continue to represent faculty at the Board committee meetings until a method of choosing faculty representatives to these committees is determined.

The Faculty Forum executive officers will also continue to meet with Fr. Glynn once a month, as they did last year.

Dick Horwath wrote a letter thanking the Alumni Association for the water bottles distributed to each faculty member during commencement.

Nancy Campbell verified the official count of voting faculty. There are 249 voting faculty with 6 on leave this year. Thus, out of 243 voters, 49 faculty need to be present for a procedural quorum, and 98 for a substantial quorum.

The Search Committee for the Dean of the Graduate School did not choose to hire a dean after the search process was completed last year. Thus, this committee will convene this year with Dick Clancy replacing Tom Shubeck as chair. Chris Faiver is continuing on the committee. Three members are on leave this academic year. Representatives are needed from the College of Arts and Sciences (from any department except Education and Allied Studies, and English) and from the Boler School of Business. Nominations for representatives can be made through next week to any member of the Faculty Service committee.

IV. Committee Reports

A. Academic Policies: Ernest De Zolt

Last year, the committee completed their work on four concentrations: Political
Communications Studies, Latin American Studies, Modern European Studies and
Catholic Studies. Also passed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics. This year,
they plan to continue work on the final exam and plus/minus grades policies.
They will meet to discuss plus/minus grades tomorrow. The policy on academic
honesty unravelled on the floor of Faculty Forum last year after spirited debate,
so this too is pending business. When CAP met last week, they discussed minors
and concentrations: how they are conceived, developed and brought to a vote.
In their next meeting, they will select a chair.

B. Finance: Joe Kelly (absent).

Dick Horwath reported that last year, the finance committee completed work on life insurance policy changes. The committee will hold their first meeting of the year next week.

C. Rank, Tenure and Salary: Paul Shick

There are two items left over from last year on which the committee is continuing to work: the selection process of emeritus professors, and the appropriate use of part time faculty. The committee will be electing a chair at their meeting next week.

D. Research, Service and Faculty Development:

Dick Horwath announced that the committee will convene soon to select a chair. There was no report.

V. Annual Admissions Office Report on the First Year Class of 1999-2000:

John Gladstone is on a recruiting trip in Puerto Rico, so in his absence, Tom Fanning made the report to the faculty. He thanked the faculty for its help in recruiting new students, since successful recruitment involves the entire campus community. With an average of seven families a day visiting the campus, the help is most appreciated. The goal for this academic year of 820 first year students and 125 transfers was exceeded. The official number is 834 first year students and 135 transfer students. Eighty-eight percent of applicants were admitted, with a yield of thirty-six percent, which is a very good percentage.

Fifty-four percent of the incoming class are women, up from fifty-one percent last year, which coincides with what is happening at other universities. 8.2 percent of the incoming class are minorities, down from 8.9 percent in last year’s class. Thirty-one percent of the incoming class are daughters and sons of alumni. Forty percent of the incoming class have been recruited as athletes, which is a significant increase. This occcurred because more women were recruited as athletes this year. Average grade point averages were up a bit to 3.27, and eighty-eight percent of this class were in the top half of their graduating class. 27 valedictorians chose to come to JCU this year, and thirty percent of this class were in the top 10 percent of their graduating class. In general, this year’s and last year’s first year classes had higher ACT and SAT scores than the class two years ago.

Almost half of this class are from Northeastern Ohio again this year. There has been some growth in numbers of freshman coming from Pittsburgh, Cinncinnati, Chicago and Buffalo, with seven students coming to JCU this year from Missouri. Areas from which the Admissions Office hopes to increase recruitment are Puerto Rico and St. Louis. Two groups of guidance counselors from Puerto Rico visited John Carroll this summer, and representatives from JCU travelled there numerous times. More guidance counselors from St. Louis will be invited to campus as well.

For next year’s first year class, the goal again is 820. There will be a change in the due date for applications. John Carroll is changing to a February 1 due date for applications, which has been suggested to the Admissions Office by guidance counselors and the McGuire Study done here at John Carroll. Most applications are in to the Admissions Office by that date already anyway.

The Admissions Office will try to attract more minorities.

As for the allocation of institutional aid, the Maston Scholarship deadline has been moved to March 1 instead of April 1.

There were no questions. Dick Horwath reminded faculty to participate again in the faculty telephone calls to perspective students in March.

VI. Introduction of New Faculty: David La Guardia, Associate Academic Vice President

Speaking for Dr. Travis, who is currently in Puerto Rico on a recruitment trip, Dr. LaGuardia thanked two people who have shifted chairs--Dr. Wertheim shifted to Director of Planning and Assessment after being Dean of Grad School, and Dr. Tom Zlatoper served as Dean of the Graduate school this year.

Dr. LaGuardia then introduced the chairs of departments with new faculty members and each chair introduced the new faculty members of their department. There is a total of 17 new visiting or tenure track faculty at John Carroll this year.

Dr. James Daley of the Boler School of Business thanked Dr. David Schirm for serving as the chair of the department of Economics and Finance for Dr. Zlatoper.

John Ivec introduced Lisa Mancini, the new Director of Human Resources, who spoke briefly to the faculty.

A Director for the Center for Math and Science Technology has just been hired. The office is Room 46 in the basement of the Science building.

At the next meeting, there will be a report on emeritus status.

There was no new business to discuss, and no further announcements, so the meeting adjourned at 4:35PM.