Standing Committees of the Faculty


Faculty Council (Click here for Faculty Council membership) 

Faculty Handbook Committee 
Member Dept. Term
Dr. Sheila McGinn RL 2010
Dr. Brenda Wirkus PL 2010
Dr. Robert Kolesar  MT/CS 2009
Dr. Jacqueline Schmidt CO 2009
Dr. Dwight Hahn PO 2008
Ms. Marcella Milota Library 2008
Three-year term: two elected each year


Faculty Grievance Pool 
Member Dept. Term
Dr. Barbara D'Ambrosia MT/CS 2008
Dr. Gwen Kinebrew BL 2008
Dr. Daniel Kilbride HS 2008
Dr. Gerald Guest AH 2008
Dr. Philip Metres EN 2008
Dr. Ruth Fenske Lib 2009
Dr. Simran Kahai EC/FN 2009
Dr. Joseph Kelly RL 2009
Mrs. Marcy Milota Lib 2009
Dr. David Stenson MT/CS 2009
Two-year term: five elected each year


Faculty Board of Review Pool 
Member Dept. Term
Dr. David Mason RL 2008
Mr. Jerry Moreno MT/CS 2008
Dr. Robert Kolesar MT/CS 2011
Dr. Carl Spitznagel MT/CS 2011
Dr. Elizabeth v. Swenson PS 2011
Dr. Brenda Wirkus PL 2010
Dr. John Spencer RL 2010
Dr. William Bockanic MML 2009
Ms. Ruth Connell Library 2009
Dr. John Yost PS 2009
Four-year term: three elected in odd years, two in even years.
Five additional members are appointed by the President.  The
appointed members are listed below.
Dr. Paul Challen CH
Dr. Lawrence Cima  EC 
Dr. Miles Coburn  BL 
Dr. Pamela Mason PO
Dr. Dianna Taylor PL