ere you will find the people who devoted time and effort to the Harlem Renaissance project making it possible. The Harlem Renaissance Multimedia Resource is an ongoing project and these professors and students continue devoting their efforts to making the site better.

--Research Professors --  
      -- (alphabetical)--


Dr. Phil Cartwright

Section developed: Performers
Dr. Cartwright is a professor emertis from the University of California. With his expansive collection of jazz that focuses mostly on the music
of the Harlem Renaissance, Dr. Cartwright was a wonderful asset to this project.



Rev. Dr. Val Lassiter

Section developed: Religion
Dr. Lassiter is a professor in the Religious Studies department at John Carroll University.  Dr. Lassiter has an extensive knowledge bank of African American theology.   --email



Dr. Marc Lynn

Section developed: Performers
Dr. Lynn is an associate professor in the Management, Marketing, and Logistics department and director of the Center for Teaching  and Learning (CTL) at John Carroll University.  Dr. Lynn's heart is found in the music and sounds of the Harlem Renaissance.  --email



Dr. Tamba Nlandu

Section developed: Philosophy
Dr. Nlandu is a professor in the Philosophy department at John Carroll University.  Dr. Nlandu and his knowledge of African American philosophy brought his portion of the Harlem Renaissance project to life.  --email



Dr. Helene Sanko

Section developed: French Connection
Dr. Sanko is a professor of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures at John Carroll University. Dr. Sanko has a wealth of information concerning the international connections to the Harlem Renaissance period.    --email



Dr. Shirley Seaton

Section developed: Education
Dr. Seaton is Associate Director in the Office of Multicultural Affairs at John Carroll University and was responsible for conceptualizing, organizing and acquiring funding for  this wonderful resource.   --email



Dr. Elizabeth Stiles
Mr. Devon Barrett

Section developed: Political Issues
 Dr. Stiles is a professor of Political Science at John Carroll University. Devon is a graduate assistant in the Political Science department who helped research and write this section.  --email

--Development / Design--


Dr. Wendy Shapiro

Position: Project Manager
Dr. Shapiro is the former director of the Faculty Technology Innovation Center at John Carroll University, where the Harlem Renaissance project was created.    --email



Mrs. Patricia Dawson

Position: Asst. Project Manager
Mrs. Dawson is the Instructional Technology Specialist of the Faculty Technology Innovation Center.    --email


Tom Phillips

Position: Lead Graphic Designer, Artist, and Photographer
Tom is a recent John Carroll graduate recieving his BS in Computer Science. He has been designing web pages and honing his art / photography skills with the university for several years.  Tom aspires for a rewarding career in PR, advertising, or graphic design.  --email



Mike Cavell

Position: Web Page Development and Content Manager
Mike is a 2002 John Carroll University graduate with a major in Computer Science
.   --email




Adam Ewing

Position: Web Developer
Adam is a full-time student at Hiram College double majoring in both Biology and Computer Science.   --email