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John Carroll University Graphic Standards and Editorial Stylebook

Welcome to John Carroll University’s Graphic Standards and Editorial Stylebook.

John Carroll University’s graphic standards were created to promote and support the John Carroll brand through consistent use of the University’s name, logo, colors, fonts, and other approved graphic elements in printed and electronic communications. Each element strengthens the ability of the University to communicate its mission and message, as well as creates a visual relationship between John Carroll and our audiences.

The purpose of the editorial stylebook is to establish standards for clear and consistent writing in the publications, websites, and other printed matter or communication vehicles created at John Carroll University. Your publications and letters reflect on the entire University. While individual styles naturally vary, using certain elements consistently will help our writing convey a positive image for the University.

The editorial guidelines are adopted from three primary reference books: The Associated Press Stylebook, The Chicago Manual of Style, and Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, Fourth Edition. In instances where this Graphic Standards and Editorial Stylebook differs from the three recommended style guides, John Carroll’s stylebook takes precedence.

Though not intended to answer every question, this Graphic Standards and Editorial Stylebook addresses issues commonly encountered at the University so that everyone writing about John Carroll, in essence, speaks the same language. If you have questions about printed or electronic communications at John Carroll, please e-mail University Marketing and Communications at umc@jcu.edu or call x-4321. Our team is here to assist you.

To view the John Carroll University Graphic Standards and Editorial Stylebook, click here

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