Switching between multiple classes
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Faculty and Advisor Tips

At this busy time, as our faculty enter midterm grades and advise our students, ITS would like to offer a couple tips for your consideration.  We are very interested in your feedback.  Please let us know if these tips were helpful.

Switching between multiple classes easily when entering grades:

  • Enter grades for your first class then press Submit button to save the grades.  You will then receive the verification message: “The grade or Last Attend Date changes you made have been saved successfully.
  • To easily switch to your second class, look to the bottom of the same page on which you received the verification message. 
  • Select the Summary Class List link.  The updated Summary Class List of the first class will display.  Notice the link at the bottom of the page:  Choose a CRN (Class)
  • Click this link, and you will be taken back to the Select CRN page. 
  • Select another class and click Submit.  This returns you to the Faculty & Advisors Menu.
  • Select Mid Term Grades again, and you are ready to enter grades for the next class.

BannerWeb Tip for Advising Students:

Similar to the way you can switch classes when entering grades, you can switch students when looking at your advisees.

  • On the Advisor Menu there is a link for ID Selection (Choose a Student).  By selecting this option you can easily change the selected student.