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Check for IP Address

This procedure will allow you to determine if the user is communicating with the network. An IP (Internet Protocol) address is assigned by our server to the user's system to open that line of communication. If this procedure is followed and no IP address displays, a tech must be dispatched to correct the problem.

Click "Start"
Click "Run"
At the Run prompt type "cmd"
At the > prompt type: ipconfig
Hit "Enter"
The IP address should display a number starting with 143.105...This means the user is connected with our server.
If the IP address displays any differently: At the > prompt type: ipconfig /release (space before /)
Hit "enter"
The IP address should display 0

At the > prompt once again type: ipconfig /renew (space before /)
Hit "Enter"
This should restore the 143.105...IP address and the connection. If it does not, call the helpdesk at 3005.


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