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Moving Files between Windows XP and Windows 7 Systems

Faculty with Windows XP systems in their office must first log into a Windows 7 system to create a Windows 7 user profile.  Once the Windows 7 user profile is created, the faculty will see the Windows 7 folders on their H:/ drive, including the Windows 7 Desktop folder and the Windows 7 My Documents folder (called simply Documents on the H:/ drive).  The Windows 7 My Document folder has the following icon win7image1 on your H:\ drive.  Files on Windows XP systems that need to be accessible in the classroom, can be placed in the Windows 7 Document folder win7image2.

An alternative is to point to your H:\ drive while you are in the classroom.  Use the instructions below.

Click on the Start icon Start Button in the bottom left corner.

Then replace the words "Search programs and files"

Search Box

with \\kermit\home$\username (Your username is usually your first initial and last name.)

Point to H Drive

Your H:\ drive will now appear in a new Windows Explorer window.

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