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Goals of the Mobile Media & Audio Services Department

1. To deliver media technology and services on request that meet the on-campus instructional needs
of the John Carroll community.

2. To provide consultative support to faculty using the "high-tech" classrooms through response to
trouble calls when they occur.

3. To retain and loan out a stock of instructional media for professional use by faculty and administrators
off-campus when needed.

4. To maintain and support all connectivity for links required for video conferencing, distance learning
and satellite transmissions and reception.

5. To seek to achieve a high level of consumer satisfaction among the user base for these services:
instructors, administrators, and staff.

6. To provide a robust, reliable, and unobtrusive Mobile Media and Audio Services delivery infrastructure.

7. To work within Information Technology Services in the support and development of instructional
technology to enable academic innovation in teaching and learning.

8. To give support and leadership while working with the Center for Digital Media in planning and
supporting the effective use of instructional technology in the classrooms.

9. To facilitate communication and collaboration among instructional technology professionals and users
of instructional technology at John Carroll University.

10. To attract, develop, and retain quality instructional media technology professionals.


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