Check back often, as this page will change as we complete different projects.


VHS to Windows Media:

this clip started out on a videotape and was converted to a digital format: this a great way to get video into a powerpoint presentation or onto the internet . Note, IMS can convert video files into Quicktime movies as well

Motion Graphics:

Traditionally used for opening title sequences in film and television, or to introduce a specific section of the evening news, Motion Graphics can be used in a variety of ways in your video project. This clip could either be featured in a traditional video or seen on the on campus channels as an intro to a piece of information. Motion Graphics can use either traditional text and graphical elements or be a mix of text, graphics and video images.

3D Computer Graphics:

IMS is proud to offer the ability to create computer generated three dimensional graphics. Anything from text to virtual walk throughs of on campus environments. Anything you can think of can be created !


Video Production:

IMS is able to provide you with full service digital video production of your event or original content. We use the minidv format to video tape content. This allows for the greatest flexibility should you choose to deliver your final product on DVD or in a web friendly format