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As a student at John Carroll University, you have access to several network shares.  A "network share" is shared hard disk space on a server or computer that you have access to over the network.  You have access to these shares from any computer on campus, including your residence hall room.  These shares are currently accessible ONLY from PCs or laptops on campus.

When you log on to a computer in one of the University computer labs or classrooms, these drives are automatically mapped for you.  This means that we set up a connection to these network shares and assign an arbitrary drive letter to each one.  You then have access to these drives through "Windows Explorer", "My Computer" or through the Open and Save menu options in most applications.

We can assign any letters to these drives, but we use H: for home and P: for profile.  Below you will find an explanation of each of these drives, where they are, and the access you have to each share.


Each of your network shares has a quota.  You have been allotted a limited amount of disk space for each share.

For example, when you open "My Computer" and highlight your H: drive, it will tell you how much space you are using, and how much space is free.  If you are getting errors about not being able to save files, or not enough disk space, that's probably because you are either completely out of space, or the file you are trying to save is too big.  If this happens, you need to remove old files you no longer need by deleting them or saving them off onto removable disk (ie.  CD-ROM, Floppy Disk, USB Memory Key, etc.)

H: -- Home Directory

Your home directory is provided to you as a place to save your documents--a "My Network Documents" directory.  You have full rights to this directory to do with as you want.  Please use this area to save all of your documents and files.


Location - \\kermit\shome$\[username]  (For John Doe with username jdoe - \\kermit\shome$\jdoe)

P:  -- Profile Directory

You have a roaming profile, which follows you from computer to computer in the University labs and classrooms.  This means that your shortcuts and links on your desktop, as well as your desktop background image follow you around.  This also includes Internet Explorer Favorites, how you view files in "Windows Explorer", Microsoft Office settings, etc.

You can also save files directly to your desktop, or make folders and save the files there.  However, we strongly suggest that you do NOT do this.  Your H: drive has been provided for this reason.

Although the desktop does provide an easily accessible location for files when in a lab or classroom, it is not as easy from your residence hall room.  If you exceed your quota for your profile, any changes you make to your profile, or any files you have saved to your desktop will not be saved to the network.  When you log on to another PC, those files will be gone, and are not retrievable.  These risks make it unadvisable to save files to the desktop.

To make sure that your files are saved, please save all files to your H: drive.


Location - \\kermit\sprofiles$\[username]   (For John Doe with username jdoe - \\kermit\sprofiles$\jdoe)

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