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Computer Requirements

Part-time and transfer students will be notified of times, dates and contents of orientation programs. Click here for more information.

Access links to all your online tools at www.jcu.edu/its

Becoming part of the John Carroll community means joining our electronic community as well. There are various ways throughout your John Carroll career where you will be able to take advantage of technology to stay connected online with the community at large. Shortly, you will receive a letter under separate cover from the University Registrar that provides you with the information (including e-mail address, BannerWeb ID and passwords/PINs) you will need to login and start utilizing these online systems.

YOU’VE GOT E-MAIL! Your John Carroll e-mail address has been created and messages may already be in your inbox. E-mail is an official method of communication at JCU, so once you receive your address and password, be sure that you set up your account (or forward it to your non-JCU account for now).

Even before orientation, you will begin receiving e-mail from JCU offices so be sure to check this account regularly. Some will be targeted specifically to you, like housing and orientation information. Others will be broadcast messages about events, organizations and opportunities on campus. In any case, your e-mail account is a vital link to the JCU community.

Even when you are not on the JCU campus, you can access your e-mail. In a browser window, go to gmail.jcu.edu. You will be asked to supply your e-mail address and e-mail password to login. Please monitor this e-mail account on a regular basis as it will be an important source of information.

JCU Computer Recommendations and FAQ

For those considering the purchase of a new computer we suggest the minimum specifications for a computer as detailed below.


Intel Core i5-480M + 2.0 GHz, 2+ Cores
500GB 7200RPM Hard Drive
14.1" to 17.3" LED LCD
Intel HD Video Card
802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi
Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional 64bit
An extended ‘no fault, any damage ’ warranty is recommended to avoid expensive repairs


High-end Desktop:

Intel Core i7- 950 (2.5+Ghz, 4+ Cores)
1TB 7200RPM
1Gb Radeon 5770 Video Card
Blu-Ray, DVD-/+RW
802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi
Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional 64bit
An extensive “no fault, any damage” warranty is recommended to avoid expensive repairs

Medium-end Desktop (AMD):

AMD Phenom II X4 (2.5+Ghz, 4+ Cores)
1TB 7200RPM
ATI Radeon HD 6450 Video Card
802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi
Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional 64bit
An extensive “no fault, any damage” warranty is recommended to avoid expensive repairs

Each residence hall room has high-speed wired connections to the network for each student.  In addition, the JCU campus has a comprehensive wireless network.  If you purchase a laptop/notebook you will need 802.11b/Wi-Fi capability already installed, or you can add this capability.  If you have any questions about wireless access on campus, please call the Information Technology Services Student Help Line at (216) 397-3004.

John Carroll University does not provide computer sales to students.  However, we do have arrangements with various vendors that offer discount pricing.  The details about this program can be found by using the links on our website at www.jcu.edu/is/ac/personalpurch.htm You can use this program, other large mail-order companies, or your local computer outlets to obtain your best system pricing.

In choosing a make and model of desktop PC, we strongly suggest that you select one of the major brands, such as Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Toshiba.  Our students have experienced some problems with lesser known “brand X” PCs.  If you are not sure about your selection, or would like additional advice, please call the Information Services Student Help Line at (216) 397-3004.

What if I already have a computer?
While older computers may be sufficient for some of your needs, we recommend that you bring a computer that meets or exceeds the above guidelines.  At the very least, you will need a Windows-capable computer with a 10/100-Base-T Ethernet network interface card (and, for a laptop/notebook, an 802.11b/Wi-Fi card) to access resources on the JCU network.  Because computer technology changes rapidly, you should anticipate upgrading in some manner during your four years at JCU.

What software do I need?
You should have Windows XP, Vista Home Premium, or Vista Ultimate and the current version of Microsoft Office which includes Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and Internet Explorer .  This software is provided in our labs. 

Be sure to tell your retailer/vendor that you are a student as significant software discounts are available to students.  Note:  Microsoft Works is not supported in our labs.

Should I purchase Anti-Virus software?
John Carroll licenses Symantec anti-virus software for all JCU students at no cost to the student.  This software is tied directly into the university's anti-virus system which disseminates new virus detection files as they become available.

What about Apple Macintosh?
John Carroll’s computing environment is primarily based on Microsoft Windows.  Students bringing Macintosh computers to campus will be able to connect to the campus network for e-mail and Internet access, but will have some limitations in accessing or using certain network resources.

Do I need a printer?
You will find it very convenient, if not essential, to have your own printer.  While laser printers are accessible at several campus locations, at peak times they are always very busy.

What about computing in my residence hall room?
Computers with Windows and an integrated network interface card will automatically configure themselves when connected to the residence hall network.  If you wish to connect to the high-speed wired network in the residence halls, you will need to bring an ethernet cable or buy one at the bookstore.  The campus wireless network is also available in all residence hall rooms.  Once you are connected to the network, you have access to the following from the residence hall rooms: E-mail, World Wide Web, Instant Messenger, JCU Grasselli Library catalog and databases, Web-based course registration and other administrative services.

If you will be bringing a wireless landline telephone to campus we ask you to avoid the 2.4 GHz models.  The wireless computer network operates on this frequency and will cause significant static during phone conversations.  The phone will also adversely affect the wireless network.

What if I live off-campus?
Access to the resources listed above can be gained through an Internet Service Provider (ISP).  (There may be some limitations with some ISPs.)

How do I learn about the student labs? E-mail? Voice Mail? Phones?
During the Fall Orientation program, Information Services will be offering orientation sessions for students.  These sessions will give participants hands-on experience logging onto our systems, getting to e-mail, and running software.  The sessions will be offered several times during the weekend, and you will be pre-registered to one of them.

Complete instructions about the campus telephone system, long distance service, and voice mail can be found on our web site, http://sites.jcu.edu/telecommunications/pages/phone/.

Who can I contact for more information?
If you have any questions, either before or after you arrive on campus, please call the Information Services Student Help Line at (216) 397-3004.  During the summer, the Help Line is staffed Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.  Or, you may address questions via e-mail to helpdesk@jcu.edu.  Also, you can visit our web site.


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