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Problems opening old Microsoft files?

Certain file are blocked or are not readable since we applied the Microsoft Office Service Pack 3.  To remove this restriction, download and run the desired files (by double-clicking on the them)

Word Update file
Excel Update file
Powerpoint Update file

Problems receiving and sending e-mails?  (Click here)

How do I set up Outlook Shared Calendaring?  (Click here)

How do I share a distribution list in Outlook?  (Click here)

How do I select a network printer?  (Click here)

How do I change the resolution of my display/monitor?  (Click here)

How do I use VPN?  (Click here)

How do I map a drive?

To map to H: drive (user folder) and O: drive (department folder):

Right-click on My Network Places. Choose "Map Network Drive,"

Select drive H: then type in "Path" or "Folder"

Select drive O: then type in "Path" or "Folder"

Check box that says "Reconnect at Logon."

Am I responsible for backups?

Yes. Your profile is limited and you are responsible to backup your files to CDs or some type of external device.

How do I look for information on my system?

Point to the My Computer icon located on the Desktop or in the Start Menu, right click and select Properties from the pop-up menu.

How do I call into my voicemail box from home?

Dial CallXpress: 216-397-6200

When voicemail answers, press # then your mailbox number or extension

Enter your security code


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