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From October 7 - To February 24 (extended)

"Spirit of Freedom 1956" - "Az 1956-os Forradalom Ötvenedik Évfordulója"

At the Museum located in the Galleria at Erieview at E. 9th Street & Lakeside Ave. in downtown Cleveland, free parking in underground garage on Saturdays;  phone (216) 523-3900 or  phone/fax  (440) 442-3466, or e-mail:  magyarmuzeum@hotmail.com
; Free, but donations welcome.

Official Invitations for the Opening Reception - now past

(English Invitation below:)


(Magyar meghivó:)


OPENING RECEPTION (now past) was held Saturday, October 7.

MORE on now past SATURDAY RECEPTION: Special Guest speaker: Mrs. Edith K. Lauer, Chair Emerita of the Hungarian American Coation & witness to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, introduced the newly released book: 56 STORIES: Personal Recollections of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, A Hungarian American Perspective;  Presenting excerpts from their own stories included in the book were Cleveland eyewitnesses to the Revolution László Böjtös, John Körössy, Andrea Lázár, Tibor Ország, Thomas Rátoni Nagy, and Martha & Kathy Takács

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Opening Reception

56 Museum-3sm.jpg
Edith Lauer at book signing for 56 STORIES
Looking on L-R:  Ferenc Kis, Dr. Anita Böjtös-Luksa,
Priscilla Skerlán, ___, Árpád Dobói,
Dr. László Tomaschek

56 Museum-1sm.jpg
L-R: speakers Andrea Lázár, Elmer Mészáros, Edith Lauer, Martha Takács,
Tibor Ország,  George Huzau, John Körössy, László Böjtös,
Kathy Takács, Thomas Rátoni Nagy

(Photos courtesy of Kriszta Lauer)


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