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Hungarian American
[blogs, e-mail newsletters, radio, tv, papers, etc.]
Useful Addresses:  Cleveland & Northeast Ohio

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Hungarian Radio Hosts
Andrea & Andrew Lázár
(Cleveland, OH)

E-mail:   kapossyradio@yahoo.com


BLOGS   / E-MAIL NEWSLETTERS (alph. order)

American Hungarian Federation e-mail newsletter: Events of interest to Hungarian American community, many inWashington DC area but also in Hungary, all over N. America, also globally, to sign up for e-mail newsletter, see: http://www.americanhungarianfederation.org

Blogsite on Cleveland.com (author Mr. John Juhász) to serve as a means for announcing events / news of interest to Hungarian American community (local & international ):  http://blog.cleveland.com/hungary

Hungarians in Cleveland: Website w/ announcements & many additional links of local Hungarian-American events: http://www.clevelandseniors.com/family/hungarian.htm

Magyar Marketing Newsletter: Mrs. Elizabeth Szabo includes news of the Hungarian American community, local & international, to sign up for e-mail newsletter, see: http://magyarmarketing.com/newsletter.php

Nyugati Hirlevel - monthly website administered by Mrs. Julianna Bika, written in Hungarian, events of interest in N. America but also globally: http://www.hhrf.org/nyugatihirlevel

Listings are by English alphabetical order, whenever possible.)

WAPS - 91.3 on the FM Dial
Sunday morning - Akron area:   8-9 AM;
 vasárnap reggel 8-tól 9-ig
English & Hungarian name:   Hungarian Program   -  Magyar Mûsor

WCSB - 89.3 on the FM Dial
Saturdays, 11 AM - 12:30 PM;    szombat délelõtt 11-töl  délután 12:30-ig (change from 10-11 AM)
English name: Hungarian Hour  
Hosts:   Ms. Ilona Seman, Mr. Bob Kita, and also guest hosts including Ms. Judith Osváth

WCPN - 90.3 on the FM Dial
Sundays, 6 - 7 PM;     vasárnap este 6-tól 7-ig
English name: Kapossy Family Hungarian Hour
Mailing address: 34000 McAfee Dr.
Cleveland,  OH   44139
Phone: 440   248-0662
Fax:  440-543-7009
E-mail:  kapossyradio@yahoo.com.
Hosts: Andrea & Andrew Lázár

WELW - 1300 on the AM DIAL
3 - 4 PM;   Vasarnap délután 3-tól 4-ig
English name: "Cleveland Sunday" - Hudak Memorial Radio – Hungarian Program
Mailing address: 32921 Lakeshore Blvd.
Willowick,   OH  44094
Phone: 440 585-1611
Hostess: Ms. Franciska Frendl

WKTL - 90.7 on the FM Dial
Saturday 12 - 1:30 PM;    szombaton 12-tõl 1:30-ig
Struthers, OH
Host:  Andy Check & Tibor Check Family

WKTX - 830 on the AM Dial
M - F  5 - 6 PM,           Saturday 3-5 PM,          Sunday 1 - 3 PM

Hétfõtõl péntekig 5-tõl 6-ig,       szombaton 3-tól 5-ig,       vasárnap 1-tõl 3-ig
Mailing address: 11906 Madison Avenue
Cleveland,  OH   44107
Phone:  216  221-0330
Fax:  216  221 3638
Hosts:  Mr. Miklós Kossányi & Mrs. Mária Kossányi

WUJC - 88.7 on the FM Dial
Sundays, 2 - 5 PM;  vasárnap du. 2-töl 5-ig
English Name:  Bocskay Radio Program  WUJC - 88.7 FM
Hungarian name:  Bocskai Rádió, Bocskay Kör
Hosted by Mr. Daniel Kádár  &  Ms. Mária Szombathelyi,  w/  Mr. Zoltán Bugnyár

Radio & Television combined

English name: Kossányi Hungarian Radio and TV Broadcast - WKTX
Mailing address: 11906 Madison Avenue
Cleveland,  OH   44107
Phone:  216  221-0330
Fax:  216  221 3638
Host/Head of Organization:  Mr. Miklós Kossányi
Contact person:  Mr. Attila Kossányi

DUNA TV-America
DUNA TV, public Hungarian Television, created specifically for Hungarian people living outside of their Homeland;   Direct from Budapest, KOSSUTH RADIO joins Duna TV as its companion radio channel;  Website includes much updated information about DUNA TV, including price of GlobeCast WorldTV equipment, 24 hours a day of new programming, new Refer-A-Friend program, lower monthly subscription fee;
Website:   http://www.dunatv-america.com  
Additional website:   http://www.euro-worldnetwork.com
Contact person:  Ms. Karina Getzlaff, Vice President & Co-Founder EURO-WORLD NETWORK, Inc.
Tel: 1-703-768-2746
Fax: 1-703-768-5056
E-mail:   <karina@dunatv-america.com>

Newspapers, Journals, other print media
(Listings are by English alphabetical order, whenever possible.)

English name:  American Hungarian Panorama  [Internet magazine, articles in Magyar & English]
Hungarian name:  Panoráma, Magyar nyelvü országos havi magazin (Az Amerikai Magyar Szövetség hívatalos lapja)
Local mailing/contact address:  11906 Madison Ave.
Cleveland OH 44107
Phone:   216   221-0330, or  216   316-1498
FAX:   216   221-3638
E-mail:   nbn@mail.multiverse.com
Website: http://www.pano-rama.hu
(N.B. - no longer published in hard copy format - only Internet]

Hungarian name: Amerikai Magyar Népszava & Szabadság
English name:  N/A - [Hungarian language newspaper, available in Ohio/USA by subscription]
Name & Address of Publisher:  Kálnoky, Inc.
P.O.  Box 6673
East Brunswick, NJ    08816
Phone:  732    254-2904
FAX:   732   254  3529
Editor:  Mr. Eugene Kálnoky; Mr. Julius Kálnoky

English name:   California Hungarians
Hungarian Name:    Californiai Magyarság
[Published weekly, except last two weeks in August;  available in Ohio/USA by subscription]
Mailing address: Californiai Magyarság
PO Box 370305
Reseda, CA    91337-0305
Phone: 323   463-3473 or 818   996-6229 or 818   996-3510
Fax: 213-384-7642
E-mail: calhun@pacificnet.net
Publisher:   Attila Fényes;   Editor: Mária Fényes

English name: Calvin Synod Herald  [newspaper-journal, available by subscription]
Mailing address:   493 Amboy Ave
Perth Amboy,  NJ    08861-3146
Phone:  ----
Head:   Rt. Rev. Ferenc Vitéz
Contact Person:   Mr. Albert Kovács

English name:     Hungarian Word
Hungarian Name:    Amerikai Magyar Szó
Published  weekly; available by mail, contact publisher for yearly subscription rates]
Mailing address:    Hungarian Word
130 East 16th Street
New York, NY 10003
Phone:    212    254-0397
Fax:   Call first, then 212- 254-1584
E-mail:   Papparch@aol.com
Editor:   Ms. Kinga Molnár
Contact person:   Mr. Lászlo Papp
Publisher:   Hungarian Word, Inc.

English name:  N/A
Hungarian name:  Kanadai-Amerikai Magyarság
[also know as "Kék Újság," Hungarian language newspaper, published weekly, available in Ohio/USA by subscription]
Publisher: Vörösváry Publishing Office
Mailing address:  74 Advance Rd.
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada   M8Z 2T7
Phone:  416  233-3131
Editor & Publisher:  Mrs. István Vörösváry [Vörösváry Istvánné]

English name:  Mighty Fortress  [Publication of the American Hungarian Lutheran Conference]
Hungarian Name: Erõs Vár, Az Amerikai Magyar Evangélikus Konferencia Lapja
[Published every 2 months, by subscription]
Mailing address:   P.O.  Box  770828
Lakewood,  OH    44107-0038
Editor/Publisher:   Rev. Béla Bernhardt
Phone:   216   221-3178
FAX:   216  227-9482
E-mail:  AMEvKo@aol.com

English/Hungarian Name:  Panoráma- See:   American Hungarian Panorama


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