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Social & Cultural Organizations
Useful Addresses: Cleveland & NE Ohio

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Hungarian Social and Cultural Organizations,
Cleveland & NE Ohio based, or with local membership:

(Listings are by English alphabetical order, whenever possible.)

(For organizations OUTSIDE the Greater Cleveland & N.E. Ohio area, click here,
scroll alphabetically to "ORGANIZATIONS.
 Otherwise see below.)


English name: American Hungarian Federation
Hungarian name: Amerikai Magyar Szövetség
Mailing address:  30006 Lake Ave.
Bay Village,  OH   44140
Phone:  440  835- 1119
FAX:  216  221  3638
Head:   Mr. Miklós Kossányi

English name:  American Hungarian Friends of Scouting
Hungarian name:  Cserkész Barátok Köre    [Cs.B.K.]
Mailing address:  4366 Brendan Lane
North Olmsted,  OH   44070
Phone:  216   267-1040
Head :  Mr. Joseph Györky
Website of Local Organization:  http://www.csbk.org/
Local organization supporting Hungarian Scout Association in Exteris/Külföldi Magyar Cserkészszövetség (Garfield, N.J.), whose main website is: http://www.kmcssz.org
Local leadership & troop websites, see:  http://www.jcu.edu/language/museum/address4.htm
Head:  Mr. Mihály Horváth, III. Kerület/Region = Cleveland Körzet/District
Mailing address:  13081 Eagle Chase
Cleveland, OH   44133
Phone:  440    582-1233
E-mail:  mrhorvath@aol.com

English Name:  Bocskai Cultural Society
Hungarian name:  Bocskai István Kultúrkör [Bocskay Kör]
President:  Ms. Judith Osváth
Mailing address: 535 Front Street
Berea, OH  44017
Phone:   440  243-7767 or 440  234-6566
E-mail: Judy@InfiniteFinancials.com
Year of , & Founder of Organization:  1985;  Mr. László Berta [deceased]

English name: Buckeye Civic Association
Mailing address:  3021 Huntington Rd.
Shaker Heights,  OH    44120
Phone: 216   991-5677
Head:  Dr. John Palasics

English name: Cleveland Hungarian Athletic Club (CMAC)
Mailing & street address:  2706 Lorain Ave.
Cleveland,  OH    44113
Phone: 216  631-2326
Head:   Mr. George Csatáry
E-mail:  gcsatary@hahci.com

English name: Cleveland Hungarian Development Panel
Mailing address: 27643 Laurell Lane
North Olmsted,  OH    44070
Head: Mr. István Hargitai
Phone/FAX:  440  779  7791
E-mail:   hargitai@mbkweb.org  or ihargitai@aol.com

English name: Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society/Hungarian Heritage Museum
Hungarian name: Magyar Történelmi Társulat/Magyar Múzeum
Mailing Address:  Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society
P.O. 24134
Cleveland, OH  44124
Location of Museum:  Galleria at Erieview, downtown Cleveland
Phone at Museum Location:  216  523-3900
Additional Phone/Fax:  440  442-3466
President:   Mrs. Mária Friedrich
E-mail: maria@stratos.net
Museum E-mail:  magyarmuzeum@hotmail.com
Museum Website:  http://www.jcu.edu/language/museum/index.htm

English name:  Csárdás Dance Company
Mailing address:   P.O. Box 391147
Cleveland, OH  44139
Founder:   Richard M. Graber
Managing Director:   Toni Gras
E-mail:    info@csardasdance.com
Website:    http://www.csardasdance.com
Telephone:    216   533-4194

English name:  N / A
Hungarian name: Dél Magyarország Felszabadító Tanácsa
Mailing address: 18493 High Parkway Dr.
Rocky River,  OH   44116
Head:  [former = Dr. Antal Lelbach = deceased;  New Head - TBA]

English name: Family Society of Hungarian Csendõr
Hungarian name: Magyar Csendõrök Családja
Mailing address: 1263 Nicholson Ave.
Lakewood,  OH  44107
Head: Mr. István Molnár

English Name:   Friends of United Way - Hungary
Hungarian Name:    United Way - Magyarország Barátok Köre
North American Volunteer Coordinator:    Mr. László I. Buda
Phone:    216    433-7682
E-mail:   LazBuda@core.com
Websites:   http://www.unitedway.hu   [Hungarian]
&   http://www.unitedway.hu/index_en.html    [English]

English Name:   [Former]  Geauga Magyar Cultural Society  [See alphabetical listing below for merger information & New Name:   "Hungarian Cultural Center of Northeastern Ohio"]

English name:  Hungarian-American Club
Mailing & street address:   694 E. Waterloo Rd.
Akron, OH  44306
Phone:   330  724-0259
President:  Irene Beebe, Phone: 330 699-9532
Vice-President:   Mrs. Elizabeth Tuza, Phone: 330 923-5538

English name:  Hungarian American Coalition
Mailing & street address:   818 Connecticut Ave.  NW,  Suite 850
Washington,  DC   20006
Phone:   202   296-9505
Fax:   202   775  5175
E-mail: iid@ix.netcom.com
Website:  http://www.hungary.com/hac
Head of Organization & Cleveland contact:   Mrs. Edith Lauer
Phone:  216 491-0066
Fax:  216  491 0454
Code:  Political, lobby organization

English name:  Hungarian Association
Hungarian name:  Magyar Társaság (Magyar Kongresszus, Magyar Találkozó, Árpád Akadémia)
Mailing address:  P.O. Box 771066  [new since summer 2005]
Cleveland, OH  44107
President: Dr. John Nádas (Honorary President Dr. Julius Nádas is deceased)
Cleveland area phone contact:  216  228-4089 or 521-7183
E-mail:  magyartarsasag@nadas.org
Website:  http://www.hungarianassociation.com

English name:  Hungarian Business & Tradesmen's  Club
Mailing address: 10964 Shaker Dr.
North Royalton,  OH   44133
Contact person:  Mrs. Ida Rózsahegyi
Phone:  440   237-7492
President:  Mr. Ernie Farkas
Location of Club:  15805 Libby Road
Maple Heights, OH   44137
Phone:  216   587-3773

English name:  Hungarian Care Club
Hungarian Name:  Magyar Segély Egylet
Mailing address: 20949 Beaconsfield Blvd.
Rocky River,  OH  44116
Phone:  440  333-4227
Fax:  216  858  6842
Head: Mrs. John Geréby
President:  Ms. Maria Meszaros

English name:  Hungarian Communion of Friends (Itt-Ott - Local Chapter)
Hungarian name:  Magyar Baráti Közösség  (Itt-Ott)
Mailing address:  27643 Laurell Lane
North Olmsted,  OH    44070
Phone:  440 779-7791
Head of Local Chapter:  Mr. István Hargitai
E-mail:   Hargitai_Istvan@mbk.org
Website:  http://www.mbk.org/

English name:  Hungarian Consulate
Mailing & street address:  140 Public Square, Park Bldg.  [downtown Cleveland]
Cleveland,  OH   44114
Phone:  216  861-6092
Head of Organization:  Honorary Consul Mr. László Böjtös
E-mail:  bojtos@stratos.net
Code: Government

English name: Hungarian Cultural Gardens
Address of Gardens: 1070 East Blvd.
Cleveland OH 44108
Mailing address: 12951 East 123 St.
Cleveland , OH 44120
Head:  Mr. Ernest Mihaly
Phone:   216    561-7316

English name:  Hungarian Cultural Center of Northeastern Ohio
(New Name = Merger of: Geauga Magyar Club/Cultural Society (estab. 1975) & St. Stephen's Club (estab 1904)
Mailing address  [new] : PO Box 847
Chesterland,  OH   44026
Contact person:  Mrs. Margaret Gorta
E-mail:  mrg3410@aol.com
Phone:  440  951-5538 [new]
Additional contact person:  Ms. Elvira Brockman
Phone:  330  274-3425
Mr. Bill Takacs
Mailing address:  16724 Snyder Road
Chagrin Falls, Ohio   44023
Phone:  440  543-4991
E-mail :  btakacs@nccw.net
Mr. John Nemeth
Mailing address:  6850 Columbia Road
Olmsted Falls, Oh   44138-1524
Phone:  440   235-6335 
Website:  Remains under name & URL of former Geauga Magyar Club/Cultural Society:  http://www.hungarianclub.org (or also http://www.hungarianclub.com, both will work);  Club Picnic Grounds are at 12027 Abbott Rd., Hiram, OH  44234 (off rte.82), Phone:  330  274-2786

English name: Hungarian Freedom Fighter Movement
Hungarian name: Szittyakürt
Mailing address: P.O. Box 35245, Puritas Station
Cleveland,  OH     44135
Phone:  216  476-1696
Head:  Mr. Tibor Major

English name: Hungarian Friends – Orange Village – East Side Retired Club
Mailing address: 3106 Fortune Ave.
Parma, OH  44134
Head:  Mr. Paul Orbán
Phone: 216  741-8618
Editor:  Mrs. Marge Kotnik
Phone:  216   932-7477;  E-mail: MKotnik@aol.com

English name: Hungarian Genealogy Society of Greater Cleveland
Mailing address: 4955 So.Sedgewick Rd.
Lyndhurst,OH 44124
President: Mr. Dan Corrigan
E-mail:  cutbait@att.net
Mailing address:  TBA
Phone:  216   691-1405
Additional contact person:  Mr. Zoltán Mestrits
Phone:  440  442-3413;  E-mail:  mmestrits@aol.com

Hungarian Heritage Museum - See under:  Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum

English name: Hungarian School Care Club
Hungarian name: Clevelandi Magyar Iskola
Mailing address: 20309 Marian Ln.
Lakewood,  OH   44116
Phone:  440 356-8015
Head: of organiation:  Mr. Ödön Szentkirályi
E-mail:   szentkom@juno.com

ITT-OTT  -  See under:  "Hungarian Communion of Friends/MBK - Magyar Baráti Közösség

English name:   Knightly Order of Hungarian Vitéz
Hungarian name:   Magyar Vitézi Rend
Mailing address:  5827 North Crossview Drive
Seven Hills, OH 44131
Head of Organization:  Mr. vitéz László Kemes [székkapitány]
Phone:  216  741-0392

English name: Lorantffy Care Center [Nursing Home]
Hungarian name:  Lorántffy Otthon
Mailing & street address: 2631 Copley Road
Akron ,  OH   44321
Phone: 330  666-1313
Fax: 330  666-4746
Head: ---

English name: Magyar Club of Cleveland
Mailing address: 9391 Hilo Farm Dr
Kirtland Hills,Ohio 44060
Phone: 440   255 4577
President:  Mrs. Ildikó A. Kõrössy
E-mail:  MHBKPres@aol.com
Additional contact person:  Mr. Zoltán Mestrits
E-mail:  mmestrits@aol.com

English Name:  Magyar Park/The Hungarian American Heritage Center, Inc. [may no longer be in operation, contact persons listed below for information]
Mailing address:  2706 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
President:  Mr. George Csatáry
E-mail:  gcsatary@hahci.com
Phone: 216   631-2326 or 440   333-5547
Contact person:  Mrs. Judith Osváth
E-mail:  josvath@hahci.com
Phone: 216   281-9794 or     440   234-6566 or   216  281-9794
Website:  http://www.magyarpark.com/

Hungarian name: Magyar-Székely Szövetség
Mailing address: 3765 W. 214.St.
Fairview Park, OH  44126
Head:  Mr. Andrew Imre

English Name:  Mindszenty Choir
Hungarian name:  Mindszenty Kórus
Mailing address: 15186 Drake Rd.
Strongsville,  OH   44136
Head:  Ms. Eleanore Mihály

Movement Arts Center (MAC)   [no longer in operation]

English name:  Rákóczi Foundation
Mailing address:  18101 Hilliard Blvd.
Rocky River, OH  44116
Phone:   440  331-3310
Head:   Dr. Gábor Papp

Scouts - See under:  American Hungarian Friends of Scouting

English name:  Society and Order of St. László (USA Region & Ohio District)
Hungarian name:  Szent László Társaság és Rend
Mailing address: 1640 Columbia Rd.
Westlake,  OH  44145
Phone:  440  835-5742
Commissioner of USA Region:   Mr. vitéz Victor A. Falk
E-mail:  vfa4@aol.com  (new)

English name: Society for Self-Culture
Hungarian name: Önképzõkõr
Mailing address: 10964 Shaker Dr.
North Royalton,  OH   44133
Phone: 440 237-7492
Head: Mrs. Ida Rózsahegyi

English name:   [Former]  St. Stephen's Club   [See alphabetical listing above for merger information & New Name:   "Hungarian Cultural Center of Northeastern Ohio"]

English name:  Teleki Pál Scout Park
Hungarian name:  Teleki Pál Cserkésztanya
Mailing address:  Calender Road
Rome,  OH   44085
Phone:  N/A
Contact person: Mr. Péter Daróczy

English name: United Hungarian Fund
Hungarian name: Egyesült Magyar Alap
Mailing address: 18101 Hilliard Rd.
Rocky River,  OH   44116
Phone: 440 331-3310
Head: Dr. Gábor Papp
Contact person:  Mr. Lél F. Somogyi
E-mail:  lelsomogyi@hotmail.com

English name: United Hungarian Societies
Hungarian name: Egyesült Magyar Egyletek
Mailing address: TBA
Phone/Fax: TBA
E-Mail: kkapossy@cs.com
President: Mr. John (Jack) Kõrössy
E-mail: mhbkpres@aol.com

English name: United Way - Hungary  - See under:  "Friends of United Way - Hungary

English name: West Side Retired Club
Hungarian name: Nyugat Oldali Nyugdíjasok Klubja
Mailing address: 1181 French Ave
Lakewood, OH 44107-2420
Phone:    216     521-4604
Contact person:  Mrs. Ildikó Szénásy, President (no longer Mrs. Manyi Sikora)

English name: William Penn Association: Cleveland Branch, No. 14
Mailing address:  14050 James Ave.
Maple Hts.,  OH    44137
Phone:   216  581-8979.
Local Contact Person:   Ms. Caroline Lanzaro  [Sárosi Caroline]
Head/President: Mr. George C. Charles, Pittsburgh, PA

English name:   World Federation of Hungarians -National Council in the USA
Hungarian name:   Magyarok Világszövetsége - Amerikai Országos Tanácsa
President:   Mr. Ádám Matavovszky
Mailing addressddress: 12903 Clifton Blvd.
Lakewood, OH 44107
Phone: 216-521-5437
Contact Person:  Mr. Dániel Kádár
E-mail : aotgreatlakes@adelphia.net
Phone:    440   786-7432

English name: World Federation of Hungarian Veterans - Cleveland Chapter
Hungarian Name: Magyar Harcosok Bajtársi Szövetsége (MHBK)
President:  Mr. John S. Kõrössy, Jr.
Phone:   440-255-4577
Other Contact Person:   Mr. Zsolt Dömötörffy, Executive Secretary
Phone:  216   228-4439
E--mail:   ZsDomo@aol.com

English name:   Youngstown American-Hungarian Club
Mailing address:  2219 Donald Ave.
Youngstown, OH  44509
President: Mr. Julius Cosma
Club Manager:  Mr. Lee Honthy
Phone:  330  799-5710
Publicity Co-Chairman:  Mrs. Ethel Kripchak
Phone:   330  792-5124
E-mail:  HungarianClub@cs.com
Website:  http://www.yahc.cjb.net


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