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plan to join us once again if you were here before
- or mark your calendar if you were not!  
Everyone welcome!

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Watch this space for news about the 2012 Vintner Dinner!

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Held at the Shaker Heights Country Club
This year's theme: "Celebrating the Bicentennial of the Birth of Ferenc Liszt"


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Saturday, October 2, 2010: Annual Vintner Dinner.

Held at the Shaker Heights Country Club, a grand celebration of our 25th year of being the heartbeat of Hungarian culture in Northeast Ohio.

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

THEME for 2009:

"Savouring Memories: Revisiting Old Neighborhoods"

Guest of Honor: Ewald E. Kundtz, Jr.

LOCATION: Café Sauselito - Galleria at Erieview
East 9th street & St. Clair Ave., Cleveland, OH

Reception: 6:00 p.m. at the Museum

Dinner 7:30 p.m at Sauselito

Dinner Music by "Harmonia"



Lou Borzy
Edith Juhasz
Marcia Mestrits

Andrea Meszaros
Elmer Meszaros

Kori Smith
Eva Szabo
Steve Szappanos

About our Guest of Honor:

Ewald E. Kundtz, Jr. was born on January 1, 1929. He was educated at University School and Georgetown University. After serving in the US Air Force, he married Patricia Patno. They have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. He founded a small company connected with the plastic container business. We honor him for having the foresight and generous heart to publish the book TORI IN AMERIKA. The Hungarian-American community owes hi ma debt for sharing with us the story of his grandfather, Theodor Kundtz, who exemplifies the energy that immigrants bring to America.

"His story reads like fiction! Born in a small town in Hungary, Theodor lost his father at a young age and found himself with a man's responsibilities when he was still a boy. At the age of twenty, he immigrated to America with almost no money and without knowing a word of English. From nothing, he built a huge manufacturing company, becoming Cleveland's largest employer at the turn of the century with more than 2,500 workers on his payroll. He was a creative genius who patented forty-four inventions which revolutionizesdan entire industry. At the height of his success, he built himself a castle asndwas knighted by the emperor.

Over time, Theodor Kundtz became a legend back home in Metzenseifen, hungary. The poor, hometown boy nicknamed "Tori" had prospered beyond anyone's wildest imagination. In Metzenseifen, they still have a saying for a prosperous person who enjoys good fortune - 'Er hat es so gut wie Tori in Amerika - He has it as good as Tori in America!'

But Theodor Kundtz would prefer to be remembered not for his wealth and business accomplishments but  for his devotion to family, friends, and countrymen. It has been more that a half-century since his death, but stories of his generosity abound, still told by the descendants of the many immigrants he helped adjust to a new land and realize their dreams of a better life."

Source: C.B. Eiben. TORI IN AMERIKA: THE STORY OF THEODOR KUNDTZ. Published by Ewald E. Kundtz, Jr.

Some links of possible interest:

About Theodor Joseph Kundtz

Lakewood Historical Society online exhibit on Kundtz, w/ photos

Kundtz castle in Lkwd.

Water color rendering of Kundtz Castle, Lakewood,
1898 (Built between 1898 and 1902,
the extraordinary home of Theodor Kundtz
at what is now Kirtland Lane in Lakewood, OH)

    Hungarian Hall circa 1980

The Massive Hungarian Hall, erected by
Theodor Kundtz and the west side
Hungarian community on Clark Ave.
in 1890 (Cleveland Public Library)

Lundtz Mansion early 1900s

The Kundtz mansion on Edgewater Drive
in Lakewood, OH (demolished: 1960's)
(Cleveland Public Library)

T. Kundtz and wife

Industrialist Theodore Kundtz and his wife Patricia Patno.
Kundtz arrived in this country in 1873 as a penniless
immigrant and later became one of Cleveland's wealthiest
businessman. (Cleveland Public Library)

More links of interest:

Hungarian Americans and Their Communities of Cleveland, on-line book by Susan M. Papp, w/ text and photos

Hungarians in Cleveland, w/ links to photos, churches, organizations, etc.

Vintage photos of Buckeye Road

New Hungarian Arrivals to Buckeye Road!

Saga of the Toth family in Ohio and especially Cleveland in 250+ photos

Buckeye Rd at E 85

Northeast corner of Buckeye Rd. and E. 87 St.,
location of the Farkas Hotel and Szabo's Dance Hall,
8639 Buckeye Rd., circa 1920s,
courtesy of Nickle Plate Road,
copyright by Cleveland Memory Project, CSU

       Buckeye parade circa 1927

Float used in July 4th Parade - Parked beside Presbyterian
church (Hungarian) E. 126th & Buckeye Rd. Cleveland,
Ohio. Note: On front of photograph "photo by
Greszingh 1927." Note: Chain drive tractor
(with 1927 Ohio license plate), old cars and
traditional Hungarian dress.
Date: July 4th (assumed), 1927

During the reception preceding the 2009 Vinter dinner, you will be able to visit the Museum for our 2 latest special exhibitions, one of which is on the Cleveland Buckeye Road area:

Buckeye poster-sm.jpg

Buckeye Road Neighborhood

A Hungarian Community in Cleveland

Depicting the history of the Hungarian Buckeye Road neighborhood from the early 1900s to its demise in the late 1900s, this exhibition shows the changing neighborhood through pictures and memorabilia. Come and explore a nostalgic review of a once vibrant and close knit community, which has since dispersed into the suburbs.

Last year 2008's theme was:

"A Royal Evening"matyas.jpg
Celebrating the 550th anniversary of the reign of Mátyás, Hungary's Renaissance King

Links of Interest:

Magyar reneszánsz konyha - Mátyás király --VIDEÓVAL ! (Magyarul / in Hungarian, but has video with great images)
Mátyás Király (Magyarul; életrajz, történelem)
King Matthias Corvinus (English, historical overview)
History of Hungarian Cuisine (English, with references to King Matthias)

leaves-2.jpg  borok leaves-3.jpg


In 2007, the 11th annual Vintner Dinner
was a lso a great success!  
Thank you to all who patronized our event,
and to those who worked so very hard to plan it!
The 11th Annual Vintner Dinner dining
to benefit the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum
was held on Saturday, October 27, 2007
At Café Sausalito in the Galleria at Erieview, Home of the Museum

2007's theme was: "An Evening at the Gerbeaud"
Wine and hors d'oeurves  were served in the Museum,
 then our guests went across the "bridge" to Café Sausalito for a sit-down dinner.
(Contact us if you are not on the mailing list for the next dinner!

What is the GERBAUD???

(From their official website:)
The legendary GERBEAUD, in the heart of Budapest, is one of the largest, most traditional, and most famous café-confectioneries in Europe. The café was established by Henrik Kugler in 1858 and expanded by its later owner, Emil Gerbeaud, and by 1990 was already world-famous. Lovingly renovated in 1997, GERBEAUD shines with the cultured nostalgia of its original days. GERBEAUD's sweet specialities include famous cakes, such as Esterházy and Dobos cakes, as well as all kind of cream cakes, extravagant bakery goods and exquisite ice-creams. Besides the pastry shop and café  there is also an elegant restaurant serving the finest of foods and wines. Here, directly on the busy Vörösmarty Square, the motto is:
"To see and to be seen."

Gerbaud in Budapest on Vörösmarty Square


gerbeaud.jpg   gerbeaud-bp.jpg



Photos from Budapest Travel Guide, Virtual Tourist

Would you like to know about the GERBEAUD in BUDAPEST???
Check out the official site on the link below:

gerbaud.gif Gerbaud Ház gerbaud.gif

Seated formal dinner & gala evening,
comparing Hungarian & other varietals at dinner,
featuring the cuisine and wines of Hungary,
& honoring a Hungarian-American (TBA annually)
who has/have done much to serve the community

2006 honorees:
Mrs. Edith K. Lauer,
Chair Emerita of the Hungarian American Coalition,
and all '56-ers
Mrs. Edith Lauer, at the Vintner Dinner
introduced by Mr. Elmer Mészáros, and
with Museum President Mr. Steve Szappanos

Theme in 2006:

"Raise Your Glass to the Spirit of '56"
(1956 - 2006)

About Mrs. Edith Lauer:  Born in Budapest, where at age 14, she was privileged to witness the life-defining experience of the Hungarian Revolution.  After escaping , her family eventually settled in Maryland, wher she met and married John N. Lauer. She has earned B.S. and M.S. degrees from Texas A & M University. The Lauers have two wonderful daughters, Kriszta and Andrea.

Edith was one of the founders, then President, and eventually Chairman of the Hungarian American Coalition. She led the Coalition's strong advocacy for NATO expansion. Since 1991, she has visited Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia numerous times to privide strong support to maintain the educational, cultural, and human rights of the historic Hungarian minority communities in the neighbring countries. With her daughter, Andrea, she is publishing 56 STORIES, a book of personal memories of the 56 Hungarian Americans.

The Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society
dining is always pleased to present its dining

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A gala evening of winetasting,
comparing Hungarian & other varietals,
at dinner featuring
the cuisine and wines of Hungary.

                          PAST DATE:

     Saturday, October 18, 2008


  (2006) at Pine Ridge Country Club

(2007) Café Sausalito in the Galleria at Erieview - Home of the Museum

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Black tie or Hungarian Dress

Proceeds to Benefit Museum
(tax-exempt organization [501(c)(3)] )

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Seated formal dinner & gala evening
comparing Hungarian & other varietals at dinner,
featuring the cusine and wines of Hungary.

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Savor a taste of Hungarian Culture!  
Explore Exhibits!  
Enjoy Hungarian Music!

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Guests were entertained by strains of Hungarian music
Józef Janis of HARMONIA and his ensemble


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 Just a few snapshots of the many Vintner Dinner Guests in 2006:     







(Above photos of 2006 Vinter Dinner courtesy of the Rev. Zoltán Sándor Kelemen, pastor, West Side Hungarian Reformed Church, Cleveland)

The Committee, 2006:

Mary Jane Molnar & Mary Lou Uray, co-chairs

Lou Borzy, Maria & Otto Friedrich, Marcia Mestrits,
Elmer Meszáros, Kori Smith, Éva Szabó, Steve Szappanos

Contact person for tickets & invitations:  
Mr. Elmer Mészaros      (440)  247-5144

The Committee, 2007:

Mary Jane Molnar & Mary Lou Uray, co-chairs

other committee members: TBA

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Guests of Honor for 2005:  The Museum Volunteers

   taste banner

Guest of Honor for 2004:
Mrs. Carolyn Balogh, President, Cleveland Hungarian Developement Panel;  Mrs. Balogh has been married to Jim Balogh for 40 years.  They are the parents of three children and grandparents to nine.  Jim and Carolyn have a manufacturing business with their two sons, Scott and Steven.

Prior to the establishing of Mar-Bal, Inc., Carolyn taught elementary school in Ohio and California,. Carolyn served as Vice-President of the Community Improvement Corporation of Geauga County, is a member of the Geauga Economic Leaders and the League of Women Voters.  Other community activities include past President of the Board of Directors of the Psychobiology Clinic of Cleveland and a member of  the Board of El Barrio.  Carolyn serves on the Ohio University Foundation Board and was awarded the Medal of Merit by the Ohio University National Alumni Association.

Carolyn is a member of St. Elizabeth's School Alumni Association, The Christ Child Society, and the Northeast Ohio Hungarian Cultural Club. She is current President of the Cleveland Hungarian Development Panel and has co-chaired their fundraiser "Paprika" for the past five years.

   taste banner

Guest of Honor 2003:
7th annual Vintner Dinner was held at the Galleria at Erieview, near the Museum itself, was a huge success! The wine, food, and entertainment were wonderful.  Many thanks to the official members of the organizing committee.   Thanks are in order also for everyone else who supported the Vintner Benefit in any way, and the names are too numerous to mention.  But a special thanks is in order to those who attended.  Everyone's warm and generous support is very much appreciated.

taste banner

Proceeds from the dinner benefit the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum to help carry out its mission of preserving and promulgating Hungarian culture and traditions.
Ticket price:  TBA  (may be partially tax deductible, depending on your particular tax situation).

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egri bikavér 


Come to the Vintner Dinner in 2008!!!
Sample the Foods & Wines of


   Dinner in 2008:
Saturday, October 18, 2008
Tickets & advance reservations will be required;
See above for description!





  Delightful Hungarian Drinks to douse your throat and palate!

Old Hungarian wine labels, vintage photos from Villány, 1893 book about Hungarian wine

 Hungarian Wine Regions

(Another site) Wine Regions of Hungary

  History Behind Hungarian Wine -
(NOTE!!  Click on "Hungarian History"at bottom of page!!!)

Recipe for Hungarian Wine Soup - Borleves - Christmas Eve Tradition

 A word about Hungarian wine

 Wine in Hungary of 2002

 Villány-Siklósi Borút [in Hungarian]



Some savoury courses to tickle your palate

June Meyer's Heirloom Hungarian Recipes

HAL:  Culinaria

The Hungry Hungarian


[Scroll to end of. . . ]   Hungarian Wedding Traditions

 WebKukta.  A Magyar Konyha  [In Hungarian, can switch to English]
Tons of links!

Webcook.  Hungarian Recipes   [English version of above]
Tons of links!

Eva's Hungarian Kitchen


Mission statement of the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum:

The Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society's mission is to preserve Hungarian  culture and the experience of Hungarians in Northeast Ohio, so that others, now and in the future, can draw upon its collection for education, inspiration, and enrichment.  To carry out its mission, the Society operates a museum and a library as a center for Hungarian historical, cultural and artistic exhibitions, and sponsors educational and research activities.  

The Society is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

Cleveland/NE Ohio area
See our "Events" website!

Please note:  volunteers are needed for the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum !  -- Friends and Patrons of the Museum -- your help is requested !

Please contact:
Hungarian Heritage Society
P. O. Box 24134
Cleveland, Ohio 44124
(440)  442-3466  [phone & fax]
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