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HHS Hungarian name

Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society (CHHS)

Clevelandi Magyar Történelmi Társulat



6-18-85 Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society / Clevelandi Magyar Történelmi Társulat is founded.

9-3-85 Ohio Articles of Incorporation filed

9-11-85 Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society / Clevelandi Magyar Történelmi Társulat formed

9-13-85 Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society established as a not for profit corporation under Ohio law

9/30/85 IRS filing asking for permission to function as a business entity

10-7-85 1st Meeting - Board of Directors: President: Rev. John J. Nyeste, Ed.D. Treasurer: Andrew Lazar Secretary: Magdalene Meszaros Exec Dir of Museum: Otto Friedrich, Legal Advisor Andrea Meszaros, Members of the Board of Dir Frank Dobos, Ferenc Somogyi, Rev. Frank Endrei, Rev. Frank Juhasz Shepherd, Kathy Kapossy, Joseph Krall, Eva Szabo


2-18-86 Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society recognized as federally tax-exempt organization

4-20-86 OPENING OF MUSEUM / 1st EXHIBIT - "Inaugural Exhibition"- St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church

11-86 1st Edition of "REVIEW - The Second One Hundred Years" with initial help of 2 grants from Ohio Arts Council


5-20-87 President, Rev. John J. Nyeste, Ed. D., passed away

8-87 Grant received from Ohio Arts Council for "REVIEW" publication

1987 ? Donor Clubs established

9-26-87 2nd EXHIBIT (Fundraiser) at St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church - inter museum loan arranged with Allen Memorial Art Museum of Oberlin, Ohio - "Cape of King Mátyás" (dating 1488) displayed


11-87 to Ethnic Studies Program Lectures at Cleveland State University -Professor

1-88 Somogyi "Cardinal Mindszenty and His Visit in Cleveland"; James Pavlish "Rediscovering Hungarian Heritage" and Frank Dobos "Education of Hungarian Immigrants (1900-1950)"


1988 First Diamond Circle Club Donation - in Memoriam Eva Balassa

2-21-88 COMMEMORATION EXHIBIT honoring Rev. Charles Boehm, founder of St. Elizabeth

3-15-88 (?) EXHIBIT - "1848" at St. Emeric

9-1988 Ohio Arts Council renews grant

9-98 Investment Committee of financial experts established


11-25,26-88 3rd EXHIBIT regarding museum at Saint Elizabeth at Bond Court Hotel - Hungarian Association World Congress


4-2-89 Permanent visiting hours established.

11-1989 Loss of Ohio Arts Grant


12-10-89 Excursion to Oberlin for the photographic works from Hungary exhibit, at the Allen Memorial Art Museum and to St. Ladislaus Hungarian Roman Catholic Church


2-26-90 Ethnic Studies Program Series begins (?) at Cleveland State University - "Human Rights Activism for Hungarians of Transylvania" - presenters Dr. Andrew Ludanyi (Ohio Northern University), Edith Lauer (Hungarian Development Panel) and Suzanne Vizsolyi.



3-22-91 (?) Ethnic Studies Program at Cleveland State University - "The Chemical Industry of Hungary" - presenters Dr. Jeanette Grasselli-Brown (Retired Director of Corporate Research and Analytical Research of BP America), Maria Friedrich (Senior Chemist with BP America) and Jay Moldovanyi (patent attorney)

9-11-91 Joint lecture @ John Carroll University by Drs. Martha Pereszlenyi-Pinter and Katherine Gatto of John Carroll and Dr. Magdalene Meszaros of Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society - "As Hungary Goes, So Goes Eastern Europe"

9-24-91 Museum closes and moves out of St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church into storage


3-2-92 to 4th EXHIBIT at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History "Hungarian Folk Art -

4-30-92 Celebration of Hungary"



4-24/93 to 5/23/93   5th EXHIBIT at Beck Center - "Magyar Art in the Era of the Dual Monarchy"

4-25-93 Benefit Fashion Show at Beck Center - "A Trunk (?) Showing of Hungarian Court Attire"



1-4-94 Hungarian Film Festival with the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Cultures of John Carroll University.

4-7-94 Needlework presentation to the Professional Needle Guild, Inc. at Westlake Porter Library by Maria Friedrich

7-13-94 to Cleveland Museum of Art exhibit in cooperation with Cleveland Hungarian Heritage

8/28/94 Society to publicize "19th Century German, Austrian and Hungarian Drawings from Budapest"

????? Ferenc Somogyi LL.D. Ph.D. awarded Honorary President for Life of Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society.



9-1995 †Ferenc Somogyi passed away


10-27-95 Oral History Project - Anna Petrancky - begins by Andrea Meszaros at ?????????

????? Grant (partial funding?) received from Traditional & Ethnic Arts Division of Ohio Arts Council for the production of the professional video on Hungarian embroidery - "Flowers in the Snow".

11-24-95 6th EXHIBIT at the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum - Western Reserve Historical Society - "Family Days - Family Traditions"


5-2-96 Lease signed with Richmond Mall for the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society to open the Hungarian Heritage Museum

????? Kalocsai Folklore Group of Lorain (1st Hungarian Museum in America) to be on display at the Museum

????? Embroidery video "Flowers in the Snow" completed

9-7-96 GRAND OPENING of the Hungarian Heritage Museum in Richmond Mall.

10-16-96 Slide and video presentation by Dr. Gabor Tarjan, Folk Art Historian and Researcher with the School of Applied Arts in Budapest - "Hungarian Folk Art".

10-23-96 to 11-9-96  7th EXHIBIT "Fortieth Anniversary of Hungarian Freedom Fight of 1956" at Museum

11-19-96 First Executive Committee and Board of Dir meeting.

11-23-96 8th EXHIBIT "Hungarian History in Coins and Stamps".


1-25-97 Volunteer appreciation meeting at the Museum.

2-1-97 to 3-8-97      9th EXHIBIT - "Hungarian Embroidery and Fancy Needlework" at Museum

3-10-97 Hungarian Heritage Museum officially enters cyberspace with its home page (website) electronically published on World Wide Web, otherwise known as Internet. Webmaster Dr. Martha Pereszlényi-Pintér, server space courtesy of John Carroll University, address: .

3-29-97 to 5-3-97  10th EXHIBIT - "Hungarian Pottery and Porcelain" at Museum

4-14-97 Honorary Board Directors installed:

4-26-97 Presentation of Roger Conant's Video Series #2 - "Golden Age of Hungary - 1301-1437"

5-3-97 Presentation of Roger Conant's Video Series #3 - "Hungary in Greatness and Decline -1437-1526"

5-21-97 Hungarian Poetry recital by Artists Péterfy Lajos and Gáll Annamária from Hungary

5-30-97 to 11th EXHIBIT - "Hungarian Arts of the Western Reserve" Contemporary Hungarian

7-26-97 Americans - An Exhibition of Fine Art - László Dús, Zsolt Gregora, Steven Kemenyffy, Susan Kemenyffy, John Puskas, Phyllis Seltzer, Gabriella Verbovszky, Anna Marie Place, George Kozmon, Sister Edith Nemeth at Museum

8-2-97 to 9/1/97    12th EXHIBIT - "Photographs - Images of Hungary - by Robin Hlobeczy" at Museum

9-6-97 to 10/18/97   13th EXHIBIT - "Dog Breeds of Hungary in History and Art" at Museum

9-20-97 Live Exhibit of Dog Breeds of Hungary - Kuvasz, Komondor, Puli and Vizsla at Museum

11-2-97 FIRST Benefit Vintner Dinner "Taste of Hungary" at the Museum - Guest of Honor His Excellency George Bánlaki, Hungarian Ambassador to United States

11-5-97 to 1-31-98    14th EXHIBIT - "A Hungarian Sampler: Fine Art, Folk Art & History" at Museum


12-6-97 Christmas Mart at the Museum


1-10-98 Volunteers Appreciation social

3-14-98 to 15th EXHIBIT - "The 150th Anniversary of the 1848 Hungarian

4-18-98 Revolution" - (Exhibition from Szeged) - Dr. Istvan Toth installs exhibit & lectures

3-16-98 Maria Friedrich appears on Channel 3 News "Today"

5-2-98 to 5-23-98      16th EXHIBIT - "Herend - The Art of Hungarian Porcelain" at Museum

5-6-98 Museum loses its lease at Richmond Mall

5-23-98 Last day Museum is open at Richmond Mall.

???? EXHIBIT - at the old May Company downtown - window display

6-98 17th EXHIBIT - Hungarian Arts and Theater at the Cleveland Playhouse

6-19-98 to 6-23-99     18th EXHIBIT - "Hungarian Images" at Lake County Historical Society

9-13-98 CHHS participating in 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Gardens at the Cultural Gardens of Cleveland.

10-3-98 to 1-99     19th EXHIBIT - "Hungarian embroidery" - at Notre Dame College.

10-14-98 Artists from Szeged (László Anna, Fritz Mihály, Török Gizella) give presentation of their work at the Hungarian Scout Center.

11-8-98 SECOND Benefit Vintner Dinner at the University Club. Ambassador Géza Jeszenszky guest of honor

11/18/98 ANNUAL MEETING - Board of Directors number increased and Audit Committee formed


3/10/99 Gift Shop committee formed

3-13-99 to 4/18/99     20th EXHIBIT - "Moments in Hungarian History" at Grasselli Library and Breen Learning Center - John Carroll University

5-15-99 Grand Opening reception for new home of Museum at Euclid Square Mall

8/13/99 Lecture by Szabó Tibor, határon túli magyarok hivatala elnöke, entitled "Hid az Állom és a Nemzet Között - a Határon Túli Magyarok Hivatala Feladatai sponsored by Magyar Baráti Közöség, Hungarian American Coalition and the Hungarian Heritage Museum at the Museum

10-7/21?-99 Ursuline College - History of Fashion Class visits

10-99 to 2-00 21st EXHIBIT - "Hungarian American Contributions to Cleveland" at the Museum

11-7-99 THIRD Benefit Vintner Dinner - "Taste of Hungary" at the Museum - Guests of Honor Mr. Kundtz (not able to attend) and Mr. Sándor Ferenczy - entertainment Scout Folk Ensemble and Adam Desorgo - theme Cleveland Hungarians


12-4-99 to Christmas Mart at Museum


1-12-00 Acquisition of 2 replicas of 4 statues erected in Budapest after Trianon Treaty to commemorate Hungary's lost territories

Hungarian American Coalition of which we are now members, asked for a museum representative to its Board

1-22-00 Delegation of Hungarian Mayors visit and lecture about the festivities planned for the millennium in their respective cities - Esztergom, Székesfehérvár, Veszprém és Visegrád at Museum

3-4-00 to 22nd EXHIBIT - Hungarian Artists of the Immigration - J. Csébi-Gaál, J. Domján, S. 7-00 Déry, R. Dudinszky, G. Gyimesy-Kásás, Cs. Kúr, A. Krasznai, L. Res?, L. Papp, E. Radnay Bauer, J. Kubinyi, Gy. Edvi.

3-11-00 Reception for and talk by Pokorni Zoltán, Magyar Oktatásügyi Miniszter (Minister of Education ) "Hungary in 2000: Ten years after the restoration of Democracy". Mr. Pokorny presents Order of Merit Award of the Republic of Hungary to Mr. William Köteles.

5-6-00 Youth Service International fundraiser presented by Dr. Roger Landrun, at the Museum, co-sponsored by Hungarian American Coalition and the Hungarian Consulate of Cleveland. Guest of Honor: Ambassador Géza Jeszenszky

5-19-00 Lecture by Dr. Both El?d, director of Hungarian Space Office, entitled "Hungarian Achievements in Space Research" at Museum

7-00 Exhibit. One-man show of paintings and woodcuts from the late contemporary artist, Dr. Emory (Imre) Ladányi at Museum

7/22/00 Exhibit - drawings and photographs of the Children's Bicycle Group from Regnum Catholic School in Budapest at Museum, guest of honor Senator George Voinovich. At the conclusion of their bicycle tour around Lake Erie in commemoration of the Millennium.

8-13-00 Pres. Maria Friedrich gives talk on the history and mission of the CHHS at the ITT-OTT conference at Lake Hope, OH.

8-20-00 to 23rd EXHIBIT - Celebrating the Hungarian Millennium with a special exhibit "Saint 1-01 Stephen and the Holy Crown" Dr. Imre László, Debreceni Egyetem Rektor helyettese

Herendröl - entertainment Rev. Szabolcs Kalman dramatic readings from Istefan, Mindszenty Choir - Susan Kalman director. Main points of exhibit - a Herend porcelain statue of St. Stephen - a gift from the Herend Manufactory, and a Herend porcelain replica of the Holy Crown of St. Stephen - a loan for exhibit from Herend Manufactory.

9/27/00 Evening of Hungarian Poetry featuring Lajos Péterfy and Annamária Gáll (both from Nagyvárad, Transylvania) at Museum

11/5/00 FOURTH Benefit Vintner Dinner - "Taste of Hungary" at the Museum guests of honor - His Excellency Géza Jeszenszky, Hungarian Ambassador to United States; honorees - the West Side Hungarian School (Dr. Gábor Papp, Founder and Mr. Ödön Szentkirályi, Present Director) at Museum - theme Young People are our Future

12-16-00 Dobos László, Szlovákiai Magyar Iró és Politikus el?adás a múzeumban "Határtalan Haza / Egységes Nemzet"


1-13-01 ANNUAL MEETING - New initiative: Our website will feature a social event calendar.

1-20-01 to 24th EXHIBIT - Hungarian Textiles Weaving and Fancy Needlework - Sister Edith

5-12-01 Nemeth, Director of Penn View Art Center in Elizabeth, PA, added attraction

2-8-01 Euclid Community TV (Channel 61) interview and documentary to be aired March 7

3-01 addition to museum website - Hungarian community events calendar and organization list

3/7-12/01 The CHHS is featured on CH 51 (Euclid Community TV) in a Program entitled SUPER CITY II

3-16-01 CHHS purchases for $1000 a large Matyó embroidered bedspread from Attila Rakonczay after having collected the amount in donations.

4-4-01 Visitors from Hungary - Márta Jellinek (Director of the South Great Plain Folk Association) and Veronika Timar (Coordinator of the Veszprém County General Assembly) @

4/25/01 Launch design activity for public relations color brochure - Mrs. F. Pickett, Mrs. Anikó Hill-Szappanos, Steve Szappanos

5-17-01 meeting with Andy Fedynsky, Director of Ukrainian Museum) at Museum

6-01 to 7-01  Cataloguing books in museum library

6-23-01 25th EXHIBIT "Hungarian Military History in Art, Artifacts and Memorabilia" at Museum - (also 50 Years of Hungarian Scouting, side exhibit)

6-24-01 Reception for Unitarian ministers from Transylvania at Museum

7-2001 Proposed new CHHS letterhead

8-19-01 Lecture by Milován Sándor, Kárpátaljai magyar társadalmi vezet?, entitled "Sub-Carpathia" at Museum sponsored by Museum, Clevelandi Tiszteletbeli Magyar F?konzulátus, American Hungarian Coalition and Magyar Baráti Közöség

9-22-01 Presentation by Laszlo and Judith Zala entitled "Our Year in Hungary" at Museum.

10/10/01 Facility Committee established

10/13/01 First of Ten Monthly Seminar Series in Hungarian History (initiated by Klara Papp and Maria Friedrich) begins at Museum - "The origins of the Magyars in the Carpathian Basin; their lives, customs, and lifestyles; legends of national origin - The White Stag" - by Zoltán Bocsay

10-24-01 submitted $50,000 grant applications to the Ohio Bicentennial Commission for research

10-31-01 Poetry Recital by Havas Judit, Hungarian performer, entitled "Szivárvány Havasán" sponsored by Magyar Baráti Közöség and CHHS at Museum

11-2001 colored museum brochure printed

11-10-01 Second Monthly Seminar Series in Hungarian History at Museum "The founding of Hungary; the Christian Kingdom begins with the first king of Hungary - St. Stephen who belonged to the tribe of Árpád; consolidation of the Christian monarchy (St. Ladislaus, Kálmán "The Bookman" and King Béla III) - by Victor Falk

11-11-01 Fifth Benefit Vintner Dinner -"Taste of Hungary" at the Museum honoring the American Hungarian Friends of Scouting (Joseph Györky, President) and George Kozmon (artist and scout leader). Guest of Honor His Excellency Géza Jeszenszky, Hungarian Ambassador to United States

11-11-01 to 2-1-02      26th EXHIBIT - "ZSOLNAY - Hungarian Culture in Ceramics" at Museum

11/30/01 submitted grant application to Hungarian Development Panel for restoration of antique books

12-8-01 Third Monthly Seminar Series in Hungarian History at Museum "The struggle between Christendom and the Mongols in the 13th century; King Béla IV rebuilds a devastated Hungary - by Imre Markus

12/12/01 Strategic plan issued (after 10 drafts)

12/20/01 received grant from Hungarian development panel


1-12-02 Fourth Monthly Seminar Series in Hungarian History at Museum "The rise of the Renaissance in Italy and the Hungarian Renaissance; the rise of the Anjous, Sigismund and his successors and King Matthius Corvinus, the Just" by Dr. Mártha Pereszlenyi-Pinter, John Carroll University.


2/9/02 Fifth Monthly Seminar Series in Hungarian History at Museum "The struggle between Christendom and Islam; the invasion of the Turks in the 16th century once again threatens western civilization; Hungary divided and occupied by the Turks" by

2/16/02 27th EXHIBIT - "Artistic Impressions - Mr. Imre Bogardy, Mr. George Buza, Mr. Zsolt Gregora, Mr. Stephen Spinder, Mr. Bela Temesvary at Museum

3/9/02 Sixth Monthly Seminar Series in Hungarian History at Museum "Hungary after Turkish conquest; Habsburg rule; the Rákóczi insurrection; years of repression and reform; the dual monarchy is born followed by a period of relative prosperity by

4/13/02 Seventh Monthly Seminar Series in Hungarian History at Museum "The first half of the 20th century; Hungary in the World Wars" by

4-20-02 28th EXHIBIT opens - "NASA-Hungary Space Activities"

5/11/02 Eighth Monthly Seminar Series in Hungarian History at Museum "The second half of the 20th century as a satellite of the Soviet Union; its struggle against communist rule; Hungary today" by

5-25-02 Hungarian lecture by András Bálint - "Ami a Márai naplójából kimaradt" sponsored by Clevelandi Magyar Múzeum, Magyar Baráti Közösség clevelandi csoportja és New Yorki Magyar Kulturális központ at Museum. Also presentation by Edith Lauer: Middle and East European NATO expansion.

6/8/02 Ninth Monthly Seminar Series in Hungarian History at Museum "The history of Hungarians in America with the special emphasis on Hungarians contributions in Cleveland, OH" by

7-20-02 29th EXHIBIT - " Hungarian Prints, Portraits and Landscapes" with focus on works by Stephen Csóka. Presentation in Hungarian by Gábor Tarján : Ethnography of Hungarian Culture.

8-24-02 Saint Stephen Day Commemoration at the museum. Main speaker in Hungarian: Beder Tibor erdély író és peadgógus: "Gyalogosan Törökországban". Also presenting Havas Judit and Budai Ilona poetry and folk songs recitals.

9-10-02 Special Exec Comm Meeting.  Subject: Mr. August Pust of the United States Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad proposes engaging CHHS in the work of this Commission with regards to adding Col. Michael Kováts to their list of heroes. The Michael Kováts Committee is formed. Members: August Pust, Theodore J Horvath, Friedrich Maria and Otto, Margaret Kotnik, Magdalene Meszaros , Martha Pereszlényi, Linda Royer, Lel Somogyi, Klára Thurner, Steve Szappanos. An associate member is later recruited in the name of Col. Tibor Babos of the Hungarian Ministry of Defense.

10-12-02 to 30th EXHIBIT - "Halas Lace" . Opening reception of exhibit at Ursuline

12-15-02 College. Material on loan from Kiskunhalas. Lectures by Susan Kiliti. Concurrent small exhibit at CHHS Museum as well.

10-27-02 SIXTH Benefit Vintner Dinner -"Taste of Hungary" at the Pine Ridge Country Club. Guest of Honor : Béla Köteles.

10-19-02 New SEMINAR: Hungarian People Series. First Lecture: "Cinema - Miklós Rózsa.", presented by Dr. James Krukones of John Carroll University.

11-9-02 Second Lecture of Hungarian People Series: "Poets Sándor Pet?fi, Miklós Radnóti, Tibor Tollas, and others…" by Ödön Szentkirályi, Principal of the Hungarian School.

11-17-02 Book signing at the Museum: Judith Balogh: This Old House by the Lake.

12-4-02 Open Gift Shop at the Galleria.


1/11/2003 Lecture Series Session #4 - "Musicians - Tinodi Lantos Sebestyen, Zoltán Kodály, Béla Bartók" by Mrs. Dóra Solymosi, D.J.S., Adjunct Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Baldwin-Wallace Faculty, Baldwin-Wallace College, held at the Erieview Room in the Galleria.

2/8/2003 Lecture Series Session #5 - "Nobel Prize Winners and Other Famous Hungarian Scientists" by Mrs. Zoltán Bócsay, Vice President, URS Corporation, held at the Erieview Room in the Galleria.

3/8/2003 Lecture Series Session #6- "Literature TBA" by Mr. Gábor Dömötör, Vice President, Hungarian Scout Association in Exteris.

3/15/03 GRAND OPENING in Galleria in downtown Cleveland. Champagne reception at 2:30 pm, ribbon cutting and remarks by Cleveland Mayor Jane Campbell.

4/12/2003 Lecture Series Session #7 - "Women in History: Warrior? Mother? Wife?" by Mrs. Ildikó Peller, Faculty, Cuyahoga Community College.


5/10/2003 Lecture Series Session #8 - "Opera/Operetta: Ferenc Erkel, Ferenc Lehár and Others" by Mrs. Dóra Solymosi, D.J.S., Adjunct Professor, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Baldwin-Wallace Faculty, Baldwin-Wallace College.

6/7/2003 Hungarian program. Presentation of an illustrated lecture "All the world a stage" by Árpád Jutocsa Hegyi.

6/14/2003 Lecture Series Session #9 - "Religious Leaders: Joseph Mindszenthy, Ottokár Prohaszka, László Tökés, László Ravasz, Áron Márton and Others" by Rev. Béla Bernhardt, Archdean, President, Lutheran Conference in America.

7/19/2003 Literary Program in Hungarian - Judit Havas (performing artist from Budapest), Sarolta Barnóczky (folk singer). László Buda (United Way - Hungary) talks about activities of the United Way in Hungary.

7/26-8/30/03 31st EXHIBIT - Photographic works and memorabilia of Zsolt Gregora "Through the Looking Glass".

8/23/2003 Saint Stephen Day celebration at the Museum. Guest Speaker Kató Béla from Transylvania (in Hungarian). Also info-presentation by András Evva of American Foundation for Hungarian Youth and Culture.

9/10/2003 Welcome Reception for Judit Gerencsér, Fullbright Scholar from Hungary, who will be working on our museum archives in conjunction with Cleveland State University

10/1/2003 32nd EXHIBIT - "Hungarian Immigration - America, Ohio, Cleveland over the last 200 years."

10/11/2003 First lecture in Monthly Seminar Series "Explore Hungary" at the Museum. - Hungary and its neighbors, place in Europe, implications of joining the European Union. Klára Papp and Judit Gerencsér.

10/11/2003 Unveiling of Col. Michael Kováts statue at the Hungarian Embassy in Washington DC. CHHS represented by Margaret Kotnik and Ted Horvath.

10/25/2003 SEVENTH Benefit Vintner Dinner -"Taste of Hungary" at Galleria ballroom. Honoree- Dr. Jeanette Grasselli Brown

11/8/2003 Second lecture in Monthly Seminar Series "Explore Hungary" at the Museum. Overview and introduction of themes: Ethnography, geography, history, points of interest. Klára Papp.

11/19/2003 Reception given by the Cleveland State University Library Group to visiting Fulbright Scholar Judit Gerencsér, doing research work at the Museum.

12/13/2003 Third lecture in Monthly Seminar Series "Explore Hungary" at the Museum. -Budapest - the Capital.


1/10/2004 Fourth lecture in Monthly Seminar Series "Explore Hungary" at the Museum- Village Life: Customs Connected to the Lifespan & the Seasons" by Mrs. Krisztina Tábor and Dr. Klára Papp, teachers in the Cleveland Hungarian Language School and members of the Hungarian Scout Folk Ensemble

2/14/2004 Fifth lecture in Monthly Seminar Series "Explore Hungary" at the Museum - Beyond the Danube - exploring Göcsej, ?rség, Rábaköz, Szigetköz, Ormánság.

3/13/2004 Sixth lecture in Monthly Seminar Series "Explore Hungary" at the Museum - Northern Regions - exploring Palóc, Matyó.

3/17/2004 Joining Cleveland Visitors Bureau.

3/20/2004 First Anniversary Celebration at the Galleria - concert by Szikra, the only performing zither ensemble in the US ALSO

33rd EXHIBIT opening entitled "George Kozmon - 20 Years Retrospective"

4/10/2004 Seventh lecture in Monthly Seminar Series "Explore Hungary" at the Museum - "Explore Hungary - The Great Plains: Exploring Kunság, Jászság, Hajdu" by Mrs. Krisztina Tábor and Dr. Klára Papp, teachers in the Cleveland Hungarian Language School and members of the Hungarian Scout Folk Ensemble


5/8/2004 Eighth lecture in Monthly Seminar Series "Explore Hungary" at the Museum - Transylvania - exploring Kalotaszeg, Mez?ség, Csángó.

5/10-12/2004 Members of the Kováts Committee, Maria Friedrich, Margaret Kotnik and Steve Szappanos participate in Kovats Days Festival and unveil statue of Col. Michael Kováts in Karcag, Hungary, donated by the CHHS.

6/12/2004 Ninth, final lecture in Monthly Seminar Series "Explore Hungary" at the Museum - Connections with Hungarians living in the Carpathian Basin and outside of the borders of Hungary.

6/19/2004 presentation "Colonel Michael Kováts de Fabricy, Hungary's Son - America's Hero" - by members of the Kováts Committee of the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum / Maria Friedrich, Margaret Kotnik and Steve Szappanos, having returned from a trip to Karcag, Hungary.

7/9/2004 Visiting Mayors from Hungary Reception at the Museum. Ten mayors from various places in Hungary attending a series of seminars in Cleveland are hosted by the Hungarian Community, CHHS participating by hosting and lodging them in private homes and driving them to the lectures.

7/20/2004 Hungarian program at the Museum - "The Soul Listens to Itself" in memory of the late poet Ildikó Vigh performed by Judit Havas, artist from Budapest Hungary

7/29/2004 Reception at the Museum for the athlete children from Hungary who

8/8/2004 will be participating in the International Children's Games in Cleveland, Ohio. CHHS participates in finding housing and entertainment of the children while in Cleveland.

8/14-15 & "Paprika Exhibit" at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens where Kalocsai paprika will be 21-22/2004 featured and the Museum is loaning mannequins attired in folk costumes from Kalocsa

8/21/2004 St. Stephen's Day Celebration - Rev. László Vetési, from Transylvania, guest speaker ALSO

34th EXHIBIT opening entitled "Zsolt Gregora Estate Collection: Hungarian Folk Art"

9/15/2004 New cash register and bar coded system in gift shop inaugurated.

10/9/2004 First session of the new seminar Food for Mind and Body, at the Museum. Overview by Klára Papp.

10/17/2004 EIGHT Benefit Vintner Dinner -"Taste of Hungary" at the Pine Ridge Country Club - honoree Carolyn Balogh, President of Cleveland Hungarian Development Panel

10/23/2004 Reception for Viktor Orban, former Prime Minster of Hungary, at the Museum. Invited guests - Organization leaders only.

11/13/2004 Second session of Lecture Series - "Food for Mind and Body" cooking class ("Fall Harvest Festivities - Cooking with Wine") at Café Sausalito ALSO a United Way (Hungary) movie night at the Museum

11/20/2004 35th EXHIBIT opening reception entitled "Hungarian and Polish Friendly Relations. 1000 Years of Historical Interaction"

12/11/2004 Third session of Lecture Series - "Food for Mind and Body" book for discussion "Embers" by Sándor Marai - discussion conducted by Prof. & Mrs. James Pavlish

2005 - 20th Anniversary Year

1/8/2005 Fourth session of Lecture Series - "Food for Mind and Body" cooking class ("Disznótor Foods Celebrating the New Year!") held across from the Museum at Café Sausalito

2/12/2005 Fifth session of Lecture Series - "Food for Mind and Body" book for discussion "Bridge at Andau" by James Michener - discussion conducted by Jack Körössy

3/12/2005 Sixth session of Lecture Series - "Food for Mind and Body" cooking class ("Feasts of Spring") held a Café Sausalito .

3/19/2005 20th Anniversary Celebration - champagne reception, concert by Harmonia,

36th EXHIBIT open "Cleveland Hungarian Artists of the Early to Middle Twentieth Century, Teachers and Innovators "- Kálmán Kubinyi, Pál Riba, John Cs?sz and Sándor Vágó

3/22/2005 CHHS leaders attending Cleveland Visitors Bureau bus tour.

4/1/2005 Ten CHHS members attend exhibition opening at Polish Center. Exhibit materials created by Andrew Lazar for CHHS exhibit were loaned to this exhibit, and will also be used for other Polish exhibits in Chicago and New York.

4/9/2005 Seventh session of Lecture Series - "Food for Mind and Body" book for discussion "Fateless" by Imre Kertész - moderator Zoltán Bócsay.

4/17/2005 Dr. Habsburg Ottó, humanitarian and statesman, reception at Galleria

5/7/2005 Eight session of Lecture Series - "Food for Mind and Body" cooking class ("Feasts of Early Harvest") held at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Tom Smith

5/13/2005 Hungarian poetry evening at the Museum - performers Péterffy Lajos and Gáll Annamária. Arranged and hosted by Zsolt Dömötörffy. Not a Museum sponsored event.

5/23/2005 Publishers of Panorama Hungarian Magazine visit Museum.

6/25/2005 Hungarian program "An Anniversary Bouquet" - Poetry recital by Judit Havas, artist from Budapest Hungary

7/21/2005 Tour of Museum by Cleveland Board of Education teachers, as part of ethnic studies federal grant.

8/19/2005 Creators of website "View America" tour the Museum.

8/20/2005 St. Stephens's Day Celebration - guest speaker Valéria Kormos, renowned journalist from Budapest.

37th EXHIBIT opening: "Donated Items: Hungarian Memorabilia, Folk Art Ceramics & Porcelain"


9/22/2005 Cleveland Convention and Visitors Bureau tours museum

10/15/2005 Brother Csaba B?jte of Brassó (orphanage) tours Museum

10/16/2005 NINTH Benefit Vintner Dinner -"Taste of Hungary" at Pine Ridge Country Club honorees are the museum volunteers

10/18/2005 CHHS receives the "2006 Ohio Heritage Fellowship" award from Ohio Arts Council. Award ceremony to be on July 1, 2006 in Dayton OH.

10/22/2005 reception for Dr. Sándor Szakaly, former head of Budapest War History Museum. Cosponsor United Hungarian Societies.

11/5/2005 First session of Lecture Series - "The Story of Hungarian Immigration to Cleveland" by Mrs. Andrea Mészáros

11/19/2005 38th EXHIBIT "Fischer - Hungarian Decorative Pottery" at the museum

12/1/2005 reception at the Museum for Ambassadors G. H. Walker, U.S. Ambassador to Hungary and A. Simonyi, Hungary's Ambassador to U.S. Cosponsors: Honorary Consulate of the Rep. of Hungary, Cleveland Hungarian Development Panel, United Hungarian Societies.

12/10/2005 Second session of Lecture Series - "Immigrants Arriving in the 1950's: Freedom Fighters and Displaced Persons" by Dr. Mártha Pereszlényi-Pintér, Mr. Stephen Szappanos, Mrs. Andrea Lázár, Mr. Jack Körössy


1/14/2006 Third session of Lecture series In Search of a new Home - "Immigration after the Second World War" by Steve Szappanos and Miklós Peller..

2/11/2006 Fourth session of Lecture Series - "Changing Attitudes: Melting Pot vs Mosaic - Raising Children in a Dual Culture" - Judith and Pál Szentkirályi

2/25/2006 host László Buda and Klaudia Kovács "Torn from the Flag" 1956 Freedom Fight commemorative film promotional meeting with Hungarian community leaders

3/11/2006 Fifth session of Lecture Series - "Early Immigration: The Hungarian Settlement on the Near West Side" by Margaret Kotnik

4/1/2006 39th EXHIBIT opening - "Local Hungarian-American Artisans and Craftsmen" - Imre Bogárdy, George Buza, Tini Halácsy, Marianne Legeza, László Lieszkovszky, Andrew and Magda Temesváry and in memoriam Margaret Dosa and Zsolt Gregora

4/8/2006 Sixth session of Lecture Series - "Early Immigration: Buckeye Road, the East Side Hungarian Section" - by Ted Horváth

4/22/2006 25 students and instructor Ágnes Risko of Hungarian Culture Studies at Ohio State University, Columbus, OH visit the museum

5/7/2006 Maria and Otto Friedrich Appreciation celebration at the Galleria

5/12/2006 Members of the Board visit the Grand Opening of the Bohemian National Museum on Broadway Rd. in Cleveland.

5/13/2006 Seventh session of Lecture Series - "Present and Future: Hungarians Within and Outside Hungary's Border" - by Edith Lauer and Zoltán Bugnyár

7/2/2006 CHHS receives the "2006 Ohio Heritage Fellowship" award from Ohio Arts Council. Award presentation in Dayton, OH, in conjunction with an all day Cityfolk Festival..

8/5/2006 40th EXHIBIT opening "Hungarian Dolls"

8/19/2006 St. Stephen's Day Celebration - Dr. Sándor Szakály speaker and entertainment Szikra Zither Ensemble, Detroit, MI

9/2/2006 Reception in the Museum - World Reunion of Students of Hungarian Schools in Germany in late 1940s

9/4/2006 passing of Maria Friedrich, president of Museum

9/16-17/2006 participation in Galleria's Art Fest

9/17/2006 TENTH Benefit Vintner Dinner -"Taste of Hungary" at Pine Ridge Country Club honoring Edith Lauer, Chair Emerita of the Hungarian American Coalition and all '56-ers

9/20/2006 closing reception celebrating "Fifty Years' Perspective on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956" - guests include Honorable George H. Walker, III, former U.S. Ambassador to Hungary, Professor István Deák, from Columbia University and Professor Csaba Békés, Cold War Research Center, Budapest, Hungary

9/23/2006 Reception of and talk by Kinga Göncz, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Hungary and András Simonyi, Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary to Washington.

10/7/2006 41st EXHIBIT opening "Spirit of Freedom 1956" - 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution - guest speaker Edith Lauer, Chair Emerita of the Hungarian American Coalition and introduction of newly released book "56 Stories - Personal Recollections of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, a Hungarian American Perspective"

10/20/2006 reception in the Museum for opening of the festivities organized by CHR50 Committee



2/9/2007 hosted Senator Voinovich's roundtable meeting

2/17/2007 reception and afternoon tea with author Judith Petres Balogh who is introducing her new novel "Sunset"

3/8/2007 host for Cleveland Council of World Affairs - "Managing Diversity in a Multi-Ethnic Society" - visitors included Ms. Monica Nadal Anmella from Spain, Mr. Deniss Hanovs from Latvia, Mr. Said Benayad from the Netherlands, Mr. Elvis Chigozie from Norway and Ms. Federica Mancinelli from Italy

4/14/2007 42nd EXHIBIT opening - "Domján - Master of the Color Woodcut" Centennial exhibition.

4/28/2007 presentation by Daniel Dukan - his experience in Budapest during the 50th anniversary of the 1956 revolution

5/12/2007 bus tour organized by CHHS to a Hungarian church, 2 historical American churches and luncheon at Balaton restaurant - Cleveland, Ohio

6/14/2007 presentation "Hungarian Defense Forces - Participation in International Missions" by János Zsotér, Command Sergeant Major of the Hungarian Army

6/16/2007 side exhibit opening 50th Anniversary of the Cleveland Magyar Athletic Club

8/1/2007 visit the Hungarian Art exhibit at the Maltz Museum

8/2007 Tigerkids youth baseball team from Debrecen, Hungary, visit Museum

8/5/2007 participation in the Cleveland Diocese Family Fest - "One World"

8/18/2007 presentation - St. Stephen's Day - speakers Antal Bozóki, journalist and publicist from Vojvodina and Imre Lendvai-Lintner, president of the Hungarian Scout Association in Exteris, poetry recital by István Hargitai and musical performance by the Little Hungarian Choir

9/15/2007 43rd EXHIBIT opening - "The Designing Spirit in Hungarian Folk Art" Andor Czompó's collection of Hungarian folk costumes

10/27/2007 ELEVENTH Benefit Vintner Dinner "A Night at the Gerbeaud" at Café Sausalito/Galleria

11/10/2007 First session of lecture series - Hungarian Folklore - "Origins of Ancient Magyars" by Dr. Klara Papp

11/19/2007 "Celebrate Hungarian Culture" - part of Cleveland City Hall's Eastern European Cultures Month. CHHS has exhibit booth, and a Hungarian Dance group comes from Pittsburgh to perform.

12/8/2007 St. Nicholas (Mikulás Bácsi) visits the Museum and Hungarian Christmas traditions introduced


1/12/2008 Second session of Lecture Series - Hungarian Folklore - "Kings and Queens of Hungary" by Mrs. Kuni Nádas

2/1/2008 Dr. Tibor Navracsics, member of Hungarian Parliament, visits Museum

2/9/2008 presentation "Afghanistan" by Edward Altmann, Hungarian-born, architect, archaeologist, soldier, world traveler -

2/23/2008 Honorable April Foley, United States Ambassador to Hungary, Consul General of Hungary, Dr. Mezei of Chicago and the Trade and Investment Commissioner, also from Chicago, Miklos Martin-Kovacs, , visit the Museum

2/26/2008 fact-finding group of Slovenians who are interested in opening their own heritage museum, visit the Museum

3/1/2008 44th EXHIBIT opening - 75th Anniversary of the 4th World Scout Jamboree held in Gödöllö, Hungary, and concurrently - Hungarian Postage Stamps - "A Trip Through 140 Years of History and Art"

3/8/2008 Third session of Lecture Series - Hungarian Folklore - "Saints and Sinners" by Dr. Márta Perszlényi


4/12/2008 Fourth session of Lecture Series - Hungarian Folklore - "Tall Tales" by Mr. István Vajtay

4/26/2008 participant in hosting reception before Bartok concert @ Severance Hall,

Mr. Eötvös guest conductor

5/10/2008 Fifth and Last session of the Folklore Series - "Honoring Mother"

5/14/2008 presentation by Dr. Lilla Szabó of the Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

5/28/2008 Cleveland Art Museum tour - "Arms and Armor from Imperial Austria"

7/19/2008 45th EXHIBIT opening "The World of Hungarian Operetta" - celebrating Hungarian composers Franz Lehár, Emmerich Kálmán, Sigmund Romberg, Pongrac Kacsoh, Victor Jacobi, Jenö Huszka, Albert Szirmai and Mihály Eisemann

7/27/2008 bus tour to Wooster, Ohio - Ohio Light Opera performance of Emmerich Kalman's "Marinka"

8/23/2008 St. Stephen Day - speakers Professor Géza Jeszenszky and Mr. Zoltán Bocsay and recitation by Mr. István Hargitai and musical numbers by Mr. Miklós Peller

10/18/2008 TWELFTH Benefit Vintner Dinner - "A Royal Evening - Celebrating the 550th Anniversary of Mátyás, Hungary's Renaissance King" at Café Sausalito/Galleria

11/8/2008 CAC funded Lecture Series - "Folk Songs" - how lyrics reflect life and values of a community featuring Roots of American Music and Kis Magyar Kórus

11/22/2008 presentation "Renaissance in Hungary" by Fr. Tamás Forrai, president of the Jesuit High School in Miskolc, Hungary

12/6//2008 46th EXHIBIT opening - "Ruralia Hungarica - Hungarian Country Life" as depicted in oil paints

12/2008 Museum publishes a cookbook

12/13/2008 Christmas Program at the Museum: Hungarian holiday customs, holiday crafts and stories for children


3/14/2009 CAC funded Lecture Series - "Leisure Activities and Seasonal Customs" (Hungarian and African Village Customs) - Mr. Endre Szentkiralyi with the Hungarian Scout Folk Ensemble and Mr. Ismail Douglas with the Rainey Institute of Cleveland


5/9/2009 CAC funded Lecture Series - "Folk Dances" (Hungarian and Slovenian) - Hungarian Scout Folk Ensemble and Folk Lorna Skupina Kres Slovenian Dancers

7-7-2009 to 47th EXHIBIT opening - "Hungarian Applied Art - Influence of Folk Art in Textiles and 12-31-2009 Pottery " ALSO "Buckeye Road - Hungarian Neighborhood In Cleveland"

9-15-2009 Bus Tour - 4 Cleveland Historic Churches - Sacred Heart of Jesus (Polish), St. Emeric (Hungarian), St. Paul and St. Wendelin (Slavic)

10-17-2009 THIRTEENH Benefit Vintner Dinner - "Savouring Memories: Revisiting Old Neighborhoods" - Guest of Honor Ewald E. Kundtz, Jr. at Café Sausalito/Galleria

12-12-2009 Children's Christmas Program


2-20-2010 to 48th EXHIBIT opening Hungarian Classical Music Composers - Mr. Peter Laki, visiting Associate Professor of Music at Bard College in New York gives opening presentation

  Chronology prepared and maintained by Mrs. Vali Rátoni-Nagy, CHHS Historian and Board Member

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